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A very useful tool - thanks Michael.

Yes, thanks Michael, I agree -it is useful. I'll be able to see how many times I contradict myself, now.

Thanks for adding this New Age information technology, Michael.

This is amazing stuff.

Ever curious about Napoleon's defeat of Prussia in 1806 (my inner Prussian nudges me every so often to look into this topic; he was dead at the time but has never failed to ponder upon it after first hearing of it) I discovered, after numerous tours through Wikipedia and Google searches, the entire _Napoleon's Conquest of Prussia 1806_, by F. Loraine Petre with an introduction by Field Marshall Earl Roberts published in 1907, free and on-line at Google books.

I got as far as page 72 before overdosing on the topic, taking side trips to view a portrait of the beautiful Queen of Prussia (see
this link
) and refresh myself regarding the line of Prussian succession.

I'm half expecting strange dreams tonight.

Bill I.

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