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Ulrich Mohrhoff also wrote an exhaustive (30 pages) review of Irreducible Mind that's available as a PDF download at>AntiMatters, Vol. 1, No. 1.

The link should take you to the table of contents, and the review is under the subtitle "Book Reviews" (There's also a review of Braude's Gold Leaf Lady in the same issue). Though it might require free registration to download it, it's worth the trouble for those who can't shell out the coin for the actual book.

The book irreductible mind is great.

Thanks Michael H for the link for the review at the anti-matters webiste. There are other good reviews and articles there, specially Neal Grossman's article on afterlife and philosophy.

There are other good reviews and articles there, specially Neal Grossman's article on afterlife and philosophy.

I love that site. I really liked Eisenstein's A State of Belief is a State of Being, among many others. It appears there are a lot of people who agree about the Grossman piece. The download stats for that issue from a couple of months ago showed that most articles were downloaded a few hundred times at most, while the Grossman article showed several thousand!

"A State of Belief is a State of Being"

On the subject of groundbreaking books, Michael H, you would just love "The Final Theory" by Mark McCutcheon. It expounds his alternative theory in pleasant, plain English (plus a few equations!). It's main asset is not even his amazing theory: it's the way he takes apart our current scientific beliefs. A must read for all who doubt. Sorry - a bit off topic.

I'll check it out, Ross. (I sure hope I live long enough to read all the stuff on my various wish lists!)

Correction: AntiMatters is open access. It requires no registration except for authors wanting to submit something. Otherwise by registering you express your appreciation of this journal, and you get a new issue alert 4 times a year.

Michael H: The increase in the count of downloads of Grossman's paper to a couple of thousand was very sudden. I attribute it to a glitch in the software that runs the journal, hence the question mark after the figure.

Thanks for the clarification on the registration issue and the anomalous download data, Ulrich. I've been very impressed by the quality and breadth of AntiMatters content.

Thanks, Michael. I use this opportunity to invite everyone who appreciates our efforts to link to AntiMatters ( and/or submit an article or comment. Of course, we are a bit a choosy, so acceptance is not guaranteed!

Hi Michael - thanks for the support! It's hard sometimes to keep the flow going, as I'm sure you know, and good to be reminded that people are getting something from it.



You're very welcome, Rob, and please keep up the good work!

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