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About Mirabelli, he was a fraud, at least many times in his life. I have a lot of documents that prove this, but they're all in portuguese.

Yikes. Mediumship, in my opinion, is one of the flakiest pieces of evidence for the afterlife. I have no doubt that some mediums are capable with what they do, but I just cannot tell if they are truly in contact with the dead or not.

Sounds like a plain old cash-in.

The major problem with Vandersande’s book is the lack of personal experiences. Quoting from “They Walked Among Us” by Louie Harris is pointless unless he had sat in a séance with Alec Harris – I HAVE!
It was a Home Circle for which no charge was made – they were by invitation only. Maybe, with hindsight, black pyjamas was not a good idea but who was to know that in years to come someone would pick this out to suggest fraud.
I can assure all readers of this blog that Alec Harris was a genuine full form materialisation medium and that no suggestion of fraud was ever implied by anyone who ever sat in his circle.
The evidence was so outstanding that it almost defied belief. By the way, Mrs Harris’s book is not the only one to have featured Alec’s mediumship.
I have posted some of this evidence in the old ‘Spiritualist Chatroom’ forum before it was hacked.
As for David Thompson – it is well documented on the current SCR as Michael says.
I have also sat with David Thompson and I can assure you, as I told ‘Killer’ Zammit, that David is NOT a materialisation medium.
David Thompson has admitted this yet Zammit persists in this fantasy.
I have noticed, over the years, that people who make these type of claims have never sat in a real materialisation séance.
I also sat in Flint’s séances for more than ten years on a regular basis and recived outstanding evidence as well.
I don’t need to quote from other people’s books.


You can also read about the mediumship of Alec Harris on this forum:

"David Thompson has admitted this yet Zammit persists in this fantasy."

zerdini do you have the link were david thompson has admitted this.

Yes William
If you log on to Spiritualist Chatroom (in Michael's blog highlighted 'many times') then to 'physical mediumship' then under 'Question For Zerdini AKA from DT' you can read the whole correspondence.


Sorry William

Michael actually highlighted 'Spiritualist Chatroom' - log on to that then follow the link I gave above.

Very sceptical looked at and a very convincing rebuttal to alot of the examples VanderSande gave.Ignorance doesn't seem to be bliss when it comes to Mediumship,especially for those investigating it.

As said before DT's seances do appear to have loopholes and VZ's performance as a scientist seems far from rigorous.Suspicions could remain but concluding fraud as more likely seems a bit too much.I guess I would be convinced of fraud if one of those magicians u speak so fond of not only bark but also bite and replicate any of the (physical) seances DT performed under the same circumstances,that would be fair no?

Then it's proved theoretically and in experiment that fraud is most probable.

Don't make my post above think I'm convinced of the DT phenomena though,far from it.If anything,I suspect fraud as well yet to make a complete conclusion that's where the road gets bumpy.However,DT sure would be a bad fraud if he is indeed so.He makes so many factual mistakes with (personal)information that it's really sad.I'm inclined to say even if he would be legit he'd still be a bad medium.You would think quality is the most important aspect of mediumship,especially when it comes to recognizing loved ones.

Couldn't agree more, Bryan

I hope everybody understands that this whole issue of "materializations" could be resolved once and for all by having someone with a nightscope or infrared viewer in the seance room. Why hasn't it been done?

That's been discussed to death on here, it basically comes down to the mediums providing a whole host of excuses that prevent the investigatory use of such image enhancing technology, they claim it can "damage" the ectoplasm, create negative vibes, whatever, it's downright comical.

In other words, they have something to hide, and anybody giving these guys the benefit of the doubt is just setting themselves up to be duped.

"I hope everybody understands that this whole issue of "materializations" could be resolved once and for all by having someone with a nightscope or infrared viewer in the seance room. Why hasn't it been done?"

True materialisations need to be seen in good light - red, blue or green.

They cannot be seen in the dark therefore they are NOT materialisations no matter what Zammit claims.

Vitor, nice to comment about Mirabelli. Can you give a reference or may I have your email adrees. Please take a look at our blog. We published some time ago something about him.
I am attending a seance weekly. We are allordinary people, no medium is attending our settings. We are able to induce strong table movements in a historical design. We have a blog (, where some of our experiences are discussed. We witnessed vertical table movements and most interestingly apports (e.g. a rusty hook) and writing messages. Unfortunately we are not able to control the settings for these esoteric experiences. I can say for my own experiences that we can rule out fraud (I know all sitters well, no professional medium is attenting), but at the end it is a kind of belief.
Here is a video with some English explanations of the experiences of our circle:


my reference is "Correio Paulistano", a Brazilian journal. Here is a link with the dates of the reports:

I am still transcripting the reports to the digital format. There are hundreds of pages. I would say that I already transcript 50% of the material (all in Portuguese). You can send an email to:

I saw your link

You have some photos that I didn't knew. Could you send me your reference?

Best wishes,

"However, several people in our group have been critical of failure to incorporate passive infrared cameras since these can in no
way affect the ectoplasm. The evidence would have carried total conviction if one had been deployed."

you think?

ok passive infared cameras would not carry total conviction but it is a step in the right direction.

Have a look at this:

Thanks for the link! Fun stuff.

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