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A nice example of what I meant for spirits with being specific.This could be a very effective way for the spirit to help society with one problem it faces,criminals.Prima Facie this seems to be a legit case,if it would stand up to scrutiny I wouldn't know.Whatever the case may be it's interesting and draws alot more attention to the mass at large then banal generalities.The implications of something like this being true could be large for modern society if accepted at large.Not that I think something like that is within reach.


With within reach I meant 'not bound to happen soon'.U never know what the future might bring ^_^

"U never know what the future might bring ^_^"

These kind of generalised beliefs are what holds people back.

If we are all interconnected, or the breath of God is within us, knowing the future or being visionary is within everyone's reach.

"Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you"

Every once in a while the spirits on the other side see fit to interfere with what happens here in the physical universe. The question then becomes... Why doesn't it happen for everyone and why do they only choose some people to help? I once saw a program called "It's a Miracle" and it was about this woman who was out jogging and this guy in a pickup truck tried to abduct her. What she reported was that she called out to God and all these "women" came out of nowhere to help her. The guy ran off when he saw all these "spirit" women. What was weird was no one else saw these women and none of the women in the surrounding houses saw anyone else. I tend to believe it's true, but often wonder why only a few people are lucky enough to recieve this kind of help? "There must be a reason for it all." (Alison Krauss)

It dependes how specific the medium was.

If the medium only said "you have been abused" and that was all, it could set off the girl to crying and explaining to her mother etc, but it could just be lucky/cold reading for the medium. If the medium said so and so abused you in such and such a way between your ages of x and y when you here and there etc etc. Then if correct it is less likely to be chance.

The article says: "She revealed that her granddaughter had been abused a decade earlier and the person responsible was still at large."

I'd have to hear the whole reading to know if the medium was generally accurate or not. This could easily be luck. Many people have been "abused", the word has a wide range of meanings. This statement would probably be accepted as correct by almost any "believer" making an effort to fit what the medium says to her history.

childhood abuse and neglect histories were reported by 42.8% of the women

Indeed, specific, detailed hits are what constitute impressive evidence.

I agree that without a transcript or other record of the reading, it's impossible to know exactly what happened. Still, it's interesting that the girl's secret came out under these circumstances, when she had kept it to herself for years. I'm not sure that the simple statement "I sense you were abused" would cause her to break down and give up a secret she had held for ten years. If she were that fragile and suggestible, she would have spilled the news long ago.

I'm also skeptical of the 42.8% figure. Such surveys are often worded in such a way as to yield the most dramatic possible results. The linked article says, "childhood abuse and neglect histories were reported by 42.8% of the women in this HMO sample (sexual abuse: 18.4%; physical abuse: 14.2%; emotional abuse: 24.1%; emotional neglect: 21.1%; physical neglect: 12.2%)." (The figures add up to more than 42% because of overlap.)

To me, these claims raise more questions than answers. What is physical abuse? (Does spanking count?) What is emotional abuse? (Yelling at a kid?) What is emotional neglect? What is physical neglect? These terms may cover a lot of ground - everything from real mistreatment to minor lapses in parenting.

The article also says, "Every attempt to measure incidence to date has been flawed. The estimates range from less than 5 percent to more than 40 percent of all children." In other words, no one knows. But does common sense support the notion that one out of every two women was subjected to (actual) child abuse? And if this is so, then why don't cold readers raise the issue of abuse more often? After all, they have a roughly 50-50 shot at scoring a seemingly spectacular hit. Yet in the many transcripts of mediums' readings that I've seen, abuse has rarely been mentioned.

How far would a medium's career go if in all his pub performances he asked if anyone had 'been abused as a child?'. You'd hardly want to book him for parties would you?

"How far would a medium's career go if in all his pub performances he asked if anyone had 'been abused as a child?”

I think there is more to this story than just that question.

View the video there appears to be more to this story than a simple question from a medium has anyone been abused.

I think the abuse number is much higher than 42%.

"These terms may cover a lot of ground - everything from real mistreatment to minor lapses in parenting."

According to The Spirits Book (not William’s book) Hitler’s aggression had more to do with his father’s abuse towards his son than Hitler.

According to a TV special I saw just last week Hitler’s father used to beat him so bad his mother used to lay on top of her son to try and protect him from the beatings. But the father would continue to beat Hitler even with the mother trying to protect her son.

Emotional abuse is not a lapse but on going abuse. We have no idea if karma is involved, souls picking parents to learn lessons, etc.

We humans know little from whence we came, where we are going, and the underlying realities of our human interactions while we are here on earth. I suspect we are in the very early stages of the human evolutionary process.

The day MAY come when the majority of humans will have mediumship abilities to receive messages from time to time from those on the other side.

Ah, William, I thought you'd would have seen my post was a joke. I thought you were a fan of the old dry humour.

Anyway, here's a question. Hitler's aggression had more to do with his father's abuse then Hitler himself? Hmm. How come all abused children don't become the orchestrators of mass murder? Or what about those dictators who weren't abused?

I read the news story about the medium in the pub in the British papers (as I live in Bristol, UK). You just know that when certain groups of people see a story like that, their negative frame of mind must go into overdrive.

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