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Awesome. I'm looking forward to their research.

Out of the 40 or so books recommended on this website interesting is that three of the books are books about survival of animals in an afterlife.

Not really any animals I want to see in the afterlife but lots of people become very attached to their pets.

Animals may be or they may not be mental constructs but the people “on the other side” appear to be more than happy with their mental constructs.

I suspect that Julie is very much a pet lover or has lost a pet she cared deeply about. Shared love appears to be the defining attribute for meeting a “person” or even a beloved pet on the other side.

As the topic is research into life after death I found this professor’s comments inspiring as to the potential of humankind.

Dr. Julian Ochorowicz (1850-1917) – Professor of psychology and philosophy at the University of Warsaw:
" I found I had done a great wrong to men who had proclaimed new truths at the risk of their positions. When I remember that I branded as a fool that fearless investigator, Crookes, the inventor of the radiometer, because he had the courage to assert the reality of psychic phenomena and to subject them to scientific tests, and when I also recollect that I used to read his articles thereon in the same stupid style, regarding him as crazy, I am ashamed, both of myself and others, and I cry from the very bottom of my heart. ‘Father, I have sinned against the Light.’”

Taken from victor’s Friday’s update this professor in my mind may define the very best in human qualities.

Unfortunately or maybe even fortunately this kind of humility may be a rare occurrence for humankind rather than a common one.

I've ran into her at my campus. Great to see progressive science advancing.

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