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“On the other hand, if the Eternal Self does have a need of individual separate expression to realise itself,”

Below is a quote from the book the open door and the most advanced teachings I have found from an advanced spirit coming through George Wright by automatic writing. Highly recommend this book as this spirit’s teaching appears to be much more advanced than even the spirits whose teachings are in the spirits book by Allan Kardec.

“The compulsion or urge to manifest and express itself is an inherent necessity of the Cosmic Consciousness. The awareness of Being becomes an awareness of Becoming. The process of manifestation results in the fulfillment and self realization through experience.”

“The appearance or manifestational universe is thus the dynamic phase of the Underlying Reality or Cosmic Consciousness.”

“Since it is the concrete expression of an unfolding and evolving reality it must exist in varying degrees and planes.”

This above quote may explain why there are probably many levels of existence after we cross over to these other planes of existence I suspect depending on our stage of vibration, which I suspect is based on our advancement in love and compassion and divine intelligence. I.e. Intelligence not being intellectual capacity.

During that dream I had which I have mentioned many times on here so forgive me for that I felt this vibration. Beyond mere words. I have never used the word ecstasy to describe my experiences in this physical life but that is the only word that comes to mind describing this hug with this entity in a grey grown.

Wow! That was some hug. Fantastic. Thank you very much William for sharing it with us!

I really want a garden dream, please! (and can it start from a Library?!)

“I really want a garden dream, please! (and can it start from a Library?!)”

I have since read this world is also called Summerland or recently one author called this world paradise with heaven being a higher level yet. With all the suffering in the world one has to hope there are better experiences awaiting us.

The article did not mention that I did not completely merge with this entity but right before we merged completely together the dream ended. The neat part is that dream stayed with me like it happened just five minutes ago and just within the last two years has it started to fade.

I have heard some people call this type of dream a spirit visitation. Have not had any dreams like that since at least that I can remember.

I really want a garden dream, please! (and can it start from a Library?!)

Sounds similar to my experience, except it started of in a tunnel and being drawn into the expanse of the white light.

I'm sure you'd want those experiences before the library Ross? When you hit the light as William described you are flooded with a cocktail of a love peace ecstacy.

Meeting the other beings is priceless and beyond the wonder and awe of the surrounding beauty. The love experienced with them is what heightens all the other experiences and makes it so special.

Ross make your beautiful garden and library here on earth and I wouldnt be suprised when you cross over you see the spiritual version :-)

"Meeting the other beings is priceless and beyond the wonder and awe of the surrounding beauty."

Well of course you're invited!

Thanks for the invitation!

How will I recognise you Ross? or do I resort to the tea leaves? ;-)

That's right you'll be in the library!! I'll be the hanging out by the roses in the garden, you'll have to find me Ross, since you already know what I look like! :-)

"How will I recognise you..."

That will be easy. I'll have the most enormous...


Enormous aura eh? You sure you don't mean "head"?

as in swelled head ;-0

Ross I'm blinded by your light, can't recognise anything now!!

"as in swelled head"

-due to spiritual brain

which brings us back on topic!

Just reread what I wrote, Ohh my!!

Ross I was refering to your head on shoulders, just joking of course..

I'm sure you have a lovely big aura :-)

Ahhh we were thinking the same thing after all....

I thought this was an interesting idea of Richard Dawkins, off that "Spiritual Brain" link and if true it means anything I have ever said or done, is totally not my fault, blame the electrical charges in the neuron's in my brain.

....I am an innocent victim, which makes all of us innocent victims, so I guess we can let loose now and go wild ;-)

"Richard Dawkins explains, free will is just an illusion created by the electrical charges in the neurons in our brains, nothing more. These and other highly respected scientists even question the wisdom of punishing criminals because, if there is no mind and no free will, then criminals are victims of their mechanical material brain".

“then criminals are victims of their mechanical material brain”

If this statement is true of Dawkins then he believes in a mechanical universe and we humans are victims not participators. And to think this man is in charge of a department in some elitist English university for providing truth to its students.

Reminds me of our elitist university Stanford that hired Rumsfeld (ie rummy) to be involved in their think tank on global affairs. Kind of like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

As far as free will; the descriptive word free in free will does not reflect in my mind our ability to choose. Choices within boundaries I think is a more descriptive statement.

What are those boundaries? Our level of unawareness (ignorance) due to our lack of attainment in infinite love and intelligence. Intelligence being divine intelligence not intellectual capability. Huge difference between the two concepts.

Dawkins is an example of intellectual capability rather than divine intelligence.

William I get the feeling Dawkins believes criminals don't have any reasoning or choices which I find impossible to believe.

I am sure they consider the implications of their actions, you just have to look at the elaborate plans they conceive before a crime and then to cover it up. To me this indicates they know what they are doing is wrong and doesn't fit into societies picture of what's normal. It's just their lust for crime is stronger than say for living a moral life.

They maybe products of childhood trauma's and life experiences but even then they have a choice to stay a victim or become an adult and get beyond their anger, blame and victim mentality.

There maybe of course other influences to their insatiable lust to kill, steal or whatever and if this is the case an exorcism may do the trick ;-)

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