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I note VZ has just updated his Michael Pisspot article :-). If he actually read all your blog (not just the articles that mention his name)he might just understand that you agree on most things, apart from DT.

I scolded VZ about his character attacks recently. I was really sad to see none of that stuck even after he wrote me a semi-thoughtful reply. Ugh... That guy.

Anyway, being awake under anaesthesia is obviously different. It could, in some conditions, explain somebody who became awake in the theater and observed the doctors. But, when dead relatives start coming into the room, or they find themselves walking around in a big, green forest and being told the secrets of reality, I'm inclined to believe it's something a little different.

Anyone claiming that an NDE is related to awareness during anesthesia is engaging in one of the weakest arguments available, and hasn't spent a moment's time investigating either phenomenon.

Those who put forth this argument would be better off pointing to electrically induced OBE's or Persinger's God Helmet, though both of those arguments are flawed as well. See this link for the IANDS response to the induced OBE:

The Dawkins', Pinker's, Dennett's and Blackmore's of the world will consider anything at all, except the possibility that consciousness is not dependent on brain activity.

Even proposing the hypothesis threatens their carefully constructed and heavily invested worldview, and is likely to cause them to lash out in an outburst worthy of Victor.

Here's hoping that those people mentioned in Michael H's response can restrain themselves from using "Victor-isms" as a rhetorical devise. More likely they would "cherry-pick" their data references and attempt to deflect attention from their "straw man" dismissal ("Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!!"). In other words, the same old "Same Old".


The only thing I love reading about more than near death experiences is reading about death bed visions.

Current NDERF NDE's:

Death Bed Visions by Sir William Barrett

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