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I think there is no "truth" about the afterlife and that statement belongs in the mouth of the fervent believer.

The reason is because of the subjective power of the mind and where *you* decide you want to be. I think when Richard Dawkins dies, for all intents and purposes he is going to be non-existent. In some black abyss that he believes will await him after the chunk of meat in his skull deactivates. It's only doubt that could save him from this.

Osama Bin Laden is going to be praised in some dark world, surrounded by his hijackers and seventy two virgins who will never sleep with him lest they lose their virginity. Ouch.

And if all goes well, I'll be somewhere thinking "Wow, I spent so much time wondering about this on Michael Prescott's blog, I should have chilled out. Maybe I'll play a prank on him and make his typewriter spell out REDRUM a thousand times, hee hee hee"

Although hopefully, I'll outlive MP. I am like half his age after all.

I've just read thru his online book called A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife - Irrefutable Objective Evidence and I must say I don't think all it's contents constitute "irrefutable objective evidence," there are only a handful I'd consider solid enough to stand up to proper scientific scrutiny e.g. NDEs, reincarnation.

I mean, the guy cites very iffy examples like Dave Thompson, Helen Duncan ("a most magnificent materialization medium"), EVP, ITC, he appeals to authority by invoking long-dead scientists who were believers, ectoplasm ("There is ample proof that experimental materialization [ectoplasmic] should take definite rank as a scientific fact"), the Scole Experiment (experimenters agreed to NOT use infrared cameras or night-vision goggles), Ouija boards....hardly "irrefutable" by any means.

VZ makes the grave error of not properly and objectively examining BOTH sides of an issue before drawing a definitve conclusion, he sees what he wants and then runs with it, oblivious to the fact that he might be setting himself up for a fall e.g. endorsing Helen Duncan, DT, ITC, ect.

I had a woman who promised me that when she died, she had parkinson's that she would come and visit me. The next time I went to see her she became slightly agitated when I again asked her If she would really infact come and visit me when she died..can,t remember the exact phrase I used died or passed on, she seemed oblivious what I was even talking about or offended I sensed? The whole thing was about her dying soon because of her illness is why she sprung this odd promise to begin with(her idea) she valued my friendship because of my ability to paint and do art, which she was quite accomplished herself, having painted religious saints etc around her living room. I think of her often and still wear her beautiful garnet ring she wanted me to have,last year I lost it somewhere while in church in the winter and looked in our car and parking lot when I couldn,t fnd it anywhere in the pew..a weeks later my husband found it in the trunk of our car laying easily where he spotted it...I looked thoroughly in the trunk too at the time it became lost? supernatural how it turned up? I am still waiting for her visit from the otherside or even a dream. We both beleived in a heaven. probably not in the same after revelation.

LucyJane D.

If you guys have lost faith in Zammit, then perhaps you'll find my treatise "Debunking Pseudo Skeptical Arguments Against Paranormal Phenomena" interesting.

By the way, Dr. Zammit has some interesting videos out on YouTube:

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