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I wonder what our friendly empiricist Victor Zammit has to say about this. I mean any reasonable person would consider this damning evidence. I wonder if Zammit will press charges against Thompson, seeing as how he was a lawyer and all.

Slightly off topic, but…

I recall that there is a Houdini biography that takes a closer look at his spiritualist investigations than is usually done in the standard bios. The premise was that Houdini was apparently more of a believer than many assume and had experiences he felt were genuine. His hatred of frauds was just that – a hatred of frauds, and not an ideological position a la the Amazing Randi.

I don’t know which bio it is, however. Anyone familiar with it? Is it available? Thanks

As I have studied the Margery mediumship quite a bit and Houdini was on an investigative team to look for fraud. He was caught sneaking in props to cause her to look like a fraud. The team then proceeded to remove him from the group. Has he changed just because he crossed over? My research reveals that we usually are our own sweet self’s after we cross over. If Houdini cheated on this side what is to say Houdini will not cheat on the other side.

Twenty years as a consultant teaching seminar participants and clients how to collect and analyze data I can safely say we humans tend to never collect enough data and almost always draw conclusions based upon preexisting beliefs from that insufficient data.

Is Thompson a fraud? Maybe? Do we have enough data to prove one way or another if he is the real deal or a partial deal or whatever? Not from my point of view. There are some red flags popping up but I still say time (more data) will tell.

As long as they let Thompson or his wife set the boundaries on restriction he has got to be treated with much suspect. Let me gray tape him and his wife with Florescent tape and see how well he does materializing folks and dogs from the other side.

Does he have some mediumship abilities and tries to supplement them with fraud? It has been known to happen with other mediums.

Let the data do the talking not the beliefs i.e. paradigms.

No response on the passive night vision goggles raised a red flag for me. But did Thompson read my email or just a sitter that can be such a believer would never think of challenging the validity of Thompson’s séances. Believers or non-believers two sides of the same coin called paradigm paralysis.

And don’t think just because we have not heard but one woman’s voice proves anything. Even if we start to hear a woman’s voice does not prove much. I.e. his wife is in the room.

>Even if we start to hear a woman’s voice does not prove much. I.e. his wife is in the room.

David and Bianca Thompson are divorced, and Bianca does not participate in his seances anymore.

"David and Bianca Thompson are divorced, and Bianca does not participate in his seances anymore."
she would be an interesting witness. I suspect no one knows david like she does but if she is angry then what to believe.

On the probability of Houdini appearing on spiritualistic seances today.. Why stay in the spirit world so long? I think since he had such a strong held mission, so perhaps he went back into the flesh quite soon after his passing?

I'm not totally serious here, just trying a Semkiw-type speculation for fun..

Harry Houdini (1875-1926, formerly Ehrich Weiss) wrote in "A magican among the spirits" (1924): "Spiritualism is nothing more than or less than mental intoxication, /.../ We have prohibition of alcohol, we have prohibition of drugs, but we have no law to prevent these human leeches from sucking every bit of reason and common sense from their victims. /... / Is it any wonder that the population of our insane asylums is swelled with "followers" who have attempted to believe these things?"

James Randi (1928- , Formerly Randall James Hamilton Zwinge) writes outbursts like that in almost every weekly letter at (don't want to soil my mind by seraching for the worst examples)


Both escape artists going to medium/paranormal bashing.
The eyes somwhat similar, otherwise not much of similar physical appearance - but maybe a similar mind?

I think we have to wait a long, long time until any of them appears at a seance.(in Randi's case hopefully so, for him)
Maybe if one of their loved ones are there - but I suppose everyone Houdini held close have passed into spirit many years ago.

The spirit world gives personal evidence between loved ones everyday, but general evinence for all to see is probably not a big priority for most into spirit. Perhaps they have reasons for not giving such evidence - or perhaps some groups of spirits are actively preventing good general evidence from appearing and succeds almost all the time?

Contradictory spirit messages are not hard to find - have seen it myself, when I first thought I had some good evidence coming independently from different mediums.

Roger, as fun as it may sound to believe such a thing, I think it's pretty far fetched. :)

William, I have to hand it to you, more optimistic and patient person is hard to find.
Maybe this analytical thingy you do have such a good affect on people (no pun intended).
I respect your opinions and you make many valid and interesting points in your posts but quite frankly I think our dear friend Mr. Thompson must be rapidly running out of excuses by now
If it wasn’t for the fact that he is hurting many people and the paranormal field in general this would be almost comical - but sadly the only ones laughing are the debunkers.

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