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Michael, are you picking on DT again? Victor's gonna be upset with you . . .

Well Michael you opened the can of worms again. Recently I was watching a special on TV about some folks looking for Bigfoot in the mountains. They were using starlight video and passive goggle technology. In the 21st century one has to wonder why we cannot use that same technology in séances.

Of course the ultra skeptics and those that have a paradigm that materializations are impossible would still not believe video as the skeptics in William Crookes time did not believe pictures of a doctor taking the pulses of Florence and Katie for analysis.

Now I realize that in these séances the medium must be careful that someone does not do something stupid during the séance.

I think it might have been Helen Duncan that died due to a sitter grabbing the materialized entity. It also appears that Florence cook almost died due to someone grabbing a materialized entity.

I personally believe at this time that the veil between dimensions is very fine and materializing entities is possible. The book the supreme adventure is stating that most communications and materializations are with entities that are still in some form of earthbound condition.

In the Florence cook séances this may be true as Katie king even admitted she lived a very interesting and provocative life while in physical form even to the point that she admitted to have killed people.

>Victor's gonna be upset with you

One of the advantages of being trashed as thoroughly as VZ has trashed me is that there is literally nothing worse he can say about me. He has shot his bolt.

If one cares about the world being more open to life after death don’t attack others especially those that are moving from no belief in life after death to a belief in life after death.

What does it matter if Michael does not believe in materializations there is so much more evidence out there that supports our surviving death than just materializations.

The world is starving for evidence of life after death. Death is one of our greatest fears that most people refuse to admit to.

Who better to write about this evidence in the format of a novel than a successful writer? Victor cut Michael some slack.

Most people I read on this blog are seekers and not evangelical with their beliefs.


Makes me wonder why these people even want to be materialization mediums if simply touching their materializations is life threatening.

Good point john we humans appear to be very good at putting our lives in danger.

Are they really aware of what is happening? I think they are in a trance.

There is much more to learn about mediums that claim to materialize entities from the other side.

Fraud has been rampant with mediums that claim the ability to materialize entities. All areas of the paranormal have been plagued with fraud. One must proceed with caution.

I am consistantly curious about why some who come forth with claims of unusual or extraordinary abilities seem unable to offer as "proof" of their powers a physical manifestation which would be clearly beyond the talents of any competent stage magician. I wouldn't want to insist that the bar be raised unreasonably high (the sudden appearance of, say, an aircraft carrier COULD be a bit unwieldy, depending on the venue), but if "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" (a pseudo-maxim I have never agreed with), we should be able to expect something more impressive than a wardrobe alteration.

I guess the issue I have with mediums in general, and materialization mediums in particular, is that this is an area that has been populated by some very questionable and outright fraudulent characters historically. There are exceptions to be sure, but this is an aspect of after-death evidence that can tend to cast a shadow of suspicion over the entire question of survival of consciousness.

There is no doubt that the fear of death looms large for most of us, universally. I recall the story of the Taoist master weeping over the corpse of his son. A disciple asked why he was weeping; hadn’t he always taught that life was an illusion? The master responded by saying that yes, all was an illusion, but the death of a loved one was the greatest and most difficult of all. Then he went back to weeping.

I suppose that believing is an afterlife is preferable to not, but I think that we won’t really see an impact on society until we move beyond belief to a state of knowing.

I think William’s right in that most who contribute here are seekers. As for me, I just want to wake up. Maybe it’s the same thing.

I’ve got the following image stuck in my head, maybe getting it on “paper” will rid me of it:-
Low budget Western ( sort of like the “Adventures of the Cisco Kid”)

Cast Michael Presscot as The Pisspot Kid
( “Pisspot” pronounced “pis-po” rhymes with Cisco )

His trusty side kick Pancho, not sure, maybe Marcel Cairo

DT as traveling patent medicine show-man

VZ as spruiker for medicine show

James Randi as town drunk

Act One Scene One

Camera pans to VZ

VZ: “ Gather round for an earth-shattering performance . . . . .

And so it goes

At end of show
Marcel and Michael turn to each other as they ride out of town.
MP “ Hey Pancho”
MC “Hey Pisspot”

Or maybe we could have:-
“DT: The Musical”
Opening scene like Sound of Music but VZ singing…..

Note to self: Better stop thinking about this now!

Anyway, best wishes to everyone here for New Year

Rod McK

>James Randi as town drunk

That might be a tough role for him, since he does not drink alcohol.

Drunk on power, perhaps?

James Randi is an “amazing” actor.
Why, who else could spout the arrant cr*p he does and make it sound like he really believes what he’s saying. What an actor!
But he needs to break out of the Media Skeptic roles he’d been getting, otherwise he’s in real danger of being type cast.

But maybe you’re right maybe he’d be better cast as a “”Gabby” Hayes” type. Can’t you just see him saying “ Jumping Jehosephat! Did ya see what just landed on the White House lawns? “

Rod McK

Hey Michael, rather than contact you again with an email, I thought I'd ask you here about the highest ranked story on the Survival Files, the one about the chess match. If it's true, through and through, it presents an incredible case for survival. However, I have a problem. The historian they used to verify the statements by Géza Maróczy, one "László Sebestyén," seems to be a little difficult to find online. If you, or anyone for that matter, knows where to find other scholarly articles about chess history by this fellow, I'd like to see them, just so I can be sure the fellow in question really exists and really is a chess historian. I'm not accusing Dr. Eisenbeiss of fraud, but it's just that my searches for him turned up nothing. Perhaps it's just the Survival Files' summary omitted this information and the full story in the journal is more thorough, but I'd like to see some evidence of this fellow.

ANOTHER BUMBLING DEBUNKER 'NOT LOUIS ARMSTRONG': DON’T BE MISLEAD BY THE UNINFORMED - Michael Pisspot - so, you want to attack Victor - who has never done anything to you! Michael Pisspot is an enemy of David Thompson’s materializations – and he does it again - writing a lot of nonsense – considering he claims he is a fiction writer – where he truly belongs- FICTION! Don't be misguided by this guy who shows he knows NOTHING about materializations, shows he knows NOTHING about jazz music. This uninformed layman (what’s he going to lay? David asks) skeptic wrote that because Louis Armstrong played trumpet, then it could not have been Louis Armstrong - in one of David Thompson’s materializations in England recently! WRONG! Why? I was in jazz music in my late teens and although tenor saxophone was my main instrument – I also played alto and baritone saxophones, C flute and B flat clarinet at professional level. Once you are a wind-instrument musician and know improvisation, then you can play virtually any wind instrument if one practices that instrument even for a few weeks. Harmonica is one of the simplest instruments to play.Now, Michael PISSPOTT– just because you show you are an enemy of David Thompson’s materializations - don’t pick on things you show you know nothing about – go back to writing FICTION and leave empirical investigations to us!

>so, you want to attack Victor

You're writing about yourself in the third person again. This is not a good sign.

>who has never done anything to you!

Well, you did call me a nobody, a nothing, a nonentity, an imbecile, a liar, a loser, envious, jealous, full of hatred, with a mind like a sewer, dumb, prejudiced, a cheater, and a coward ... Not that there are any hard feelings, mate, but it's a little late in the game to start playing the aggrieved victim, don't you think?

>This uninformed layman (what’s he going to lay? David asks)

Good one!

>Harmonica is one of the simplest instruments to play.

I don't doubt that Satchmo could have played the harmonica; I just think it would be more convincing if he materialized a trumpet and played it.

Via email, I've been informed that there is no need to "materialize" (i.e., smuggle in) the harmonica, since it is overtly placed in the seance room before the act. Okay, then - why not put a trumpet in the room? Let Satchmo blow on that.

I'll tell you why you don't put a trumpet (the musical instrument, not the megaphone-like device used in seances) in the room. It's because David can't play the trumpet, or at least can't play it well enough to imitate a jazz master like Louis Armstrong.

If I'm wrong, prove it. Rent a trumpet from any music store and put it in the seance room and see what kind of music the ectoplasmic Satchmo can produce.

Not going to do this? Of course you're not.

But why not, Victor? Just tell me that. No huffing and puffing, no insults, just a simple answer to a simple question: Why not?

As we await Victor's response, I thought I'd note that he didn't even bother to provide original material for this thread, just cut and pasted another of his well-reasoned "lawyer's rebuttals" from his skeptics page. (The exact copy is found in the second column, last item).

Must be too much mental chaos going on for him to write something original.

I'd suggested earlier that materialization mediums like DT can cast a pall on legitimate data concerning consciousness survival, but now I'm thinking that Victor Zammit himself might be the absolute best argument available to skeptics.

I would suggest that he shut his site down, spend a decade in a Zen monastery and check back with us in 2017.

We'll try to get along in the meantime.

There is an aspect of Mr. Zammit's postings that has been not much commented on and that is his vulgarity. There seems to be no limit to which he will not sink in his insensate rage. The man has become an embarrassment to afterlife research. He suggests that Michael P go back to fiction writing (if ever he left it). I have a better idea: that in the future Mr. Zammit limited himself to his first love, playing the saxophone.

There IS a certain perverse entertainment factor to VZ's outbursts, although I suspect that trained psychologists and psychiatrists are thinking in terms of pathology.

For John's search efforts regarding the Survival Files, I may be able to offer some slight help: while I'm unacquainted with the case he's writing about, I do speak a little Hungarian and can vouch that both of those names are in fact Hungarian. There may well be a Hungarian chess website which can help you vector your search.

Seriously Mate.Victor,the posters on this blog have an ability to think for themselves and contemplate about both sides of the far you haven't even replied to MP about anything what he originally posted which was about the flaw concerning the sweater DT wears.

Scepticism getting you out of your conformt zone is it?

Personally I like his book way more then his articles or his comments.What I would really like to know is if my suspicion is right.I think it's his wife who posts for him sometimes.Speaking in the third person for yourself makes anybody who does it look like a little coco if you catch what I mean.But that isn't the case is it mate?

It strikes me how weird it would be for a reply like Victor's to appear in a peer reviewed journal. Can you imagine that?

Survival after death isn't contingent upon whether materialization mediumship is real or not. There are plenty of other kinds of evidence that strongly point in the direction that something of who we are survives the death of the physical body. All it takes is one white crow to prove that not all crows are black. Personally I like NDE's, DBV's, and the holographic universe, but to each his own.

One theory circulating on Spiritualist Chat Room is that DT possesses some legitimate mediumistic talents but has been pressured by VZ and his associates to produce more and more impressive phenomena. More than one SCR member claims to have known DT in his younger days and to believe that he was for real back then. It wouldn't be the first time that a medium was pushed into trickery in order to keep pace with inflated expectations.

It wouldn't be the first time that a medium was pushed into trickery in order to keep pace with inflated expectations.

This is what I highly suspicioned was the case. I think everyone has a bit of psychic ability and every now and then we all make contact with the spiritual universe. Some folks probably a bit more than others. I was thinking what probably happened during the early days of Mediumship was that people began to feel that mental mediumship wasn't enough and they wanted more and more contact. I remember once reading in some book written by a medium (not sure who - John Edward, George Anderson, James Van Praagh, etc.) that what happens is that people get addicted and dependent on visiting mediums and that they want more and more contact with their loved ones on the other side - when what they really want is their loved ones back in the flesh. So back in those early days there was pressure to upstage one another and to produce bigger and greater "shows" till it just started getting silly. Mental mediumship just wasn't enough. Folks wanted to touch their loved ones that had crossed over.

All it takes is one white crow to prove that not all crows are black. I've read literally thousands of NDE's and a few of them were corroborative enough or parallel enough to what some Physics professors say about the Universe to let me know or point me in the direction that something of who we are survives the death of the physical body. Skeptics base their theories on the "dying brain theory" or "hypoxia" or "drugs" or "hallucinations?" and ignore that NDE'ers oftentimes mention that they were able to see 360 degrees at once, or that the library buildings they experienced seemed to be "made of knowledge", or that they literally felt like they were everywhere in the Universe at once, or that during their life review they were able to feel the emotions and feelings and hear the thoughts of the people they interacted with, or that they had "all knowldege", or they communicated telepathically, or they were instantaneously able to be someplace just by focusing their attention on it, or that they felt totally connected and one with the Universe, etc., etc., etc. These are all what one might expect of or in a quantum holographic universe. It's enough for me to scratch my head and think that something very mysterious has happened.

>So back in those early days there was pressure to upstage one another and to produce bigger and greater "shows" till it just started getting silly. Mental mediumship just wasn't enough. Folks wanted to touch their loved ones that had crossed over.

I sometimes wonder if this was the case with Helen Duncan. She seems to have scored some impressive "mental mediumship" hits, but her physical mediumship was questionable at best. Possibly her husband pushed her into faking physical effects because it made for a better show. There was a lot of tension between Helen and her hubby, which came out during seances, when her "materialized" spirit guide would insult the poor man mercilessly. It got so bad that he stopped accompanying his wife on tour. Maybe Helen resented him for making her cheat, and her resentment came out in the seances (either directly, if she was faking the spirit voice, or indirectly, if the voice was a manifestation of some unconscious psi abilities).

This is pure speculation, of course.

Another case of pushing mediums too hard may have been the Fox sisters. I have little doubt that the early phenomena in Hydesville were genuine. But when the girls became professional mediums (and celebrities), they started giving more and more elaborate performances, including materializations. If their careers were a mixture of genuine and fake phenomena, it might help explain why, late in life, they publicly confessed to cheating and then quickly recanted their confessions. They may have felt guilty about cheating, but at the same time they may have known that some of what they experienced was for real.

Again, speculation. Who knows?

A little bit of real psychic ability mixed with a whole lot of trickery, tomfoolery, and shenanigans. John Edward's Crossing Over was on TV for like three years and then taken off the air. I suppose you could only watch so many readings before you got the idea. John Edward was charismatic, funny, entertaining, and interesting but even he couldn't make mental mediumship more than it is. Like he used to say on his show, "it is what it is." I saw all of John Edward's shows by the way and most of them more than once.

Victor wrote:

"Harmonica is one of the simplest instruments to play."

Ironically, offering a very good reason to be skeptical about DT's mediumship...

Kind regards,

It is time for Victor and Michael to take this discussion off line and on air to AfterlfeFM.

As a lawyer, Victor has argued cases in the highest courts of the New South Wales, justice system; I can't see how (or why) he would not welcome the chance to argue his case on the most popular radio show in the afterlife.

I would hope those people who are friendly to Victor's position would encourage VZ to accept my offer and debate Michael Prescott live on the air.

You're assuming I'd be willing to debate Victor. Considering the kind of invective he spews, I can't see the point. The man appears to be incapable of civility.

Hi John - re the Chess Game. the details are in the Journals of the SPR Volume 71.3 Number 888 July 2007. The review was by a guy called Vernon Neppe. (sorry if you know all this already). If you would like more details you might be able to contact the SPR directly. If you would like a copy of the article I would be happy to scan the relevant pages and email to you. Drop me an email if you wish.

Hi, Paul. You didn't leave your email. :P

I would like to see the review. Have anywhere you can post it? I'd rather not give out my email at the moment.

I believe I know John's email address, assuming he is the John from Canada who's written me recently. If so, Paul can email the material to me, and I'll forward it.

My email address is found here, at the very top of the page.

Thanks, Paul, for digging up this info.

Unfortunately I dont have anywhere to post it but will scan and send it to Michael.

Yep, that's me. Same fellow. Thanks.

I have sent a note to Michael. I have scanned the pages and there are about 20MB I am happy to email them but just need a note from Michael to say its ok.

I haven't received the note yet, but here's the answer: The maximum I can download from one email message is 10 MB. So if you break up the three pages into three separate messages, it should be okay.

I've received the documents. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

You're welcome - I look forward to your comments when you have absorbed it. As an aside: Vernon Neppe's credentials look quite interesting

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