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Good observations, Michael. This reinforces for me why my premonitory experiences seem to come during dreaming, when conscious filtering and analysis are essentially shut down or at least heavily muted. I had an experience with hypnosis while in college which has intrigued me ever since and, as I've since discovered that science can tell us so little about what is occuring during hypnosis, I can see it as a possible avenue for the further exploration of information which is available to us at any given moment but is mostly ignored due to our attention being absorbed by the physical senses and the internal monologue.

Midnight Comment,Just had to.

Greatly thought out man.It really sounds logical the way u describe it and it neatly puts some parts of the puzzle together.I'd love to see what more u can bring out of the pandora box =)

This may explain why some mediums have to go into a trance to contact the other side.

A trance would I think reduce our inhibitions and make one more available to other dimensions.

Ena Twigg a well known medium in England during world war II would not go into a trance on the first sitting but if the sitter was satisfied with that sitting and she felt the sitter could be trusted not to harm her while she was in a trance she would often go into a trance on the second sitting and sometimes was able to do direct voice communication.

One of her claims to fame was she supposedly contacted bishop pike right after he had died in the desert while hiking in Israel when he was between “dimensions”. It is an interesting dialog recorded on tape between bishop pike and a friend of his using Ena Twigg as the direct voice medium.

Excellent insight, Michael. That may also be the reason why a “white noise” background is required for EVP and other related phenomena. A white noise environment would enable a state similar to the ganzfeld conditions on the electromagnetic spectrum, augmenting the possibility of receiving psychic information that may be already present in the electromagnetic spectrum.

"Certain drugs seem to activate or enhance psychic abilities. These drugs have the effect of temporarily impairing brain function. If the brain is indeed a filter, then while it is impaired, its filtering ability will be compromised. In other words, these drugs may have the effect of reducing the inhibitions normally imposed by the brain itself."

This part alone brings up various questions to my mind Michael.For instance about people who are in a coma or people who experience the split personality disorder.I think it is really important to know under what circumstances this reduction of inhibition takes place.It would really boil down to what part of the brain needs to be impaired in order for the physic abilities to be enhanced.This is something I don't have the answer to.Do u have any thoughts on this michael?

A very fine post Michael. The insights in your blogs are typically stimulating and provocative. I thought it was primarily left hemisphere linguistic activity that tended to degrade or overwhelm right hemisphere psi functioning. I missed inhibitions completely. May I quote you. I'm currently reworking an article I wrote several years ago on the relationsip between psi and language, for inclusion in a book. If you send me an address I'll snail mail you a reprint. George

>If you send me an address I'll snail mail you a reprint. George

Okay. Is this George Hansen or another George?

>May I quote you.

Sure. But my ideas here are only a thumbnail sketch - not really worked out. Kevin and William (above) made good points about hypnosis and trance mediumship, both of which should have been mentioned in the post.

Thanks for the kind words, whichever George you are!

I absolutely agree that "a reduction of normal inhibitions" is single factor that may be a common denominator for all known psi phenomena. I sometimes conduct a type of breathing meditation where I sit down and allow myself to say absolutely anything that comes to mind. Soon, I lose my inhibitions and find myself shouting out nonsensical phrases. But after a while, something very strange happens: I begin to utter words having rhymes. They are spontaneous metrical compositions making sense. At this point, I am able to tap into my instinctive psi ability. But I can only observe my mysterious conduct. Because I do not think out or plan anything beforehand. Much of what I say later proves to be true. I urge you to try it!

Hi Michael,

Good post. I've contemplated this myself, and I think you're spot on - going beyond just losing inhibition though, I think the key is in subduing the controlling, rational, and ever-talkative 'aware and analysing' aspect of our mind. Basically, inhibiting a part of our mind, so that we can lose our inhibitions - if that makes sense! The part of the mind that makes white men dance so badly, because they're thinking about it rather just losing themselves in the music... ;)

I have been oh-so-close to having an out of body experience, only to feel an itch on my leg, which basically kicked in this part of my mind and 'anchored' me back in my body. I guess this is the principle behind flotation tanks/sensory deprivation/ganzfeld - removing stimuli which will awaken the rational mind.

This is also a key part of remote viewing, where the goal is to quieten the rational mind, and let things just 'bubble up' from the subconscious. Whenever they suddenly analyse the impressions they are getting, and try to guess the target, this is seen as a problem - they mark it as an 'AOL' (Analytical OverLay), and move on.

My wife, who I think would be an excellent psychic due to various incidents I've witnessed, has the ability to lie down in bed and fall asleep as soon as she closes her eyes. I, on the other hand, lie awake for hours, with my brain babbling away to itself. Again, I think this is key - the ability to suppress this analytical, controlling aspect of the mind.

Kind regards,

Great article. I have found this to be absolutely true. Are you at all aware of the work of Win Wenger ( He has several books on increasing intelligence and one of his original exercises for developing genius is call imagestreaming. In Imagestreaming you close your eyes and simply start describing aloud what you see behind your closed eyes. You do this out loud to either a partner or a tape recorder. Dr. Wenger found that not only did this exercise lead to increased IQ and creativity but also had another interesting effect. It seemed to allow for prophetic awareness. I believe that the lowered inhibition caused by describing images in stream of consciousness style is what leads to the psychic impressions that he and his students have reported. I myself a have used the exercise with positive results.
Keep up the great job.

I might add, this need for inhibition of the rational mind is a major reason why guys like Richard Dawkins don't 'get it'.

Kind regards,

I have psychic awareness, and I'm painfully shy. I suppose I'm uninhibited in the sense that I'm not afraid to push the boundaries of belief -- to whatever extent this might make me look strange or foolish. I plan on becoming less inhibited, of course, and maybe this will increase my awareness, but I don't think that behavior one typically thinks of as being "uninhibited" is necessary in order to make them psychic. For me it's just a matter of being extremely sensitive.

I also agree that there has to be a trade off, and I've managed to avoid work for most of my life. In our society one who isn't working is viewed as a lowlife bum, and it's really difficult to tell people that the reason you don't work is because you're devoted to the science of a mystical way of being. Even though they will probably say that it's all right that you don't work, but only because you're crazy.

This is a brilliant little article, and I'd love to e-mail it to a friend in LA. I am not very handy with gadgets, and can't figure out how to forward it. I'm going to sign up to receive info from you. My name is Lisa and I'm American and live in France. I enjoy sharing my "abilities" in a positive way, often possible because I am an English language trainer/coach in Paris, and enjoy the contact with lots of new and interesting people. My friend in LA is at, and if you could forward him a copy of this article on my behalf, I'd be most grateful. Keep up the good work, or as we'd say here, bon continuation!

The idea of extraordinary innate abilities being available to everyone by inhibiting brain function is the subject of some very interesting research currently being done. Research on savants like Daniel Tammet and abilities like absolute pitch seems to show that parts of the brain inhibit some natural ability for most people. It would make sense that this could apply equally well to possible psychic abilities. There are some excellent articles on this subject that can be found at.

>I am not very handy with gadgets, and can't figure out how to forward it.

One way is to select the text, copy it, and paste it into your email message.

Easier way: Just copy the URL in your browser window and paste it into the email. Your friend can click on the link.

Interesting article, Michael. I don't know much about paranormal research, but I agree that some loss of inhibition would be in order. It would explain why, whenever looking for information about getting in touch with your "inner self", things like meditation are always on the top of the list.

My mind is seemingly working a mile a minute, be is daydreaming or daily life. This probably explains why I haven't had anything close to a paranormal experience. :P


Do you know where I can get some reliable information on Stella Cranshaw? If I'm not mistaken, wasn't she investigated by Harry Price? Wasn't Price an unreliable investigator? Thanks in advance.

Harry Price is a very controversial figure, considered an unreliable publicity hound by some, but admired by others as someone who brought technology and a scientific attitude to the testing of mediums.

Some info is found here, on the official Harry Price site. The links on that page will lead you to much more information.

David Fontana includes a discussion of Stella Cranshaw, a.k.a. Stella C, in his book Is There an Afterlife?

I'm sure there's more info out there, but I haven't read that much on Cranshaw myself.


I may have the answer you're looking for.

Or, rather, I'll tell you which drugs do that for ME and you do the math... ;)

Diphenhydramine and/or dimenhydrinate.

They are very useful in impairing ONE PART of the "rational" part of the brain, including the perception of time (they block short-term memory, among other things), while the (conscious) inventive and creative functions not only remain intact but can actually be greatly enhanced.

For example: if you're a writer, they could - IF they had the same effect on you as it does on me (which is not a given) - remove any "writers' block" and allow ideas to flow in abundance, but you would also be able to formulate them in an ORDERLY (and yet expressively enhanced and enriched) fashion.
They do NOT produce "rants" or outburst of faux-creativity that might SEEM coherent and brilliant only while you are under the influence of the substance. In fact, I've often become aware of the full extent of any given creative work of mine done under the influence of such a substance only long after it had worn off.

That is not why I have used them in the past (in fact I was unaware of the possibility of any such effects), but it has given me considerable experience with them, obviously.

BTW: I've been "doing" ESP (porte-manteau for all things "paranormal" ;)) ever since Iwas a little child.
(No drugs were ever involved.)

P.S. After rereading my post, I think I should emphasise that the said substances are very valuable - at least in my experience - in blocking the "normal" perception of time.
(I know I said it before - I just want to make it as clear as possible, lest the point of my post is missed or misunderstood.)

And with Time out of the way... anything is possible. ;)

Michael, I am not trolling but you remember Rudism? Well he has expressed an opinion on your blog over at the Mind-Energy forums:

'I know I'm delving into a an ad-hom here, but Prescott is a real creduloid--he'll believe in almost anything out there that pretends to be scientific while actually defying science as we know it. His blog is all but unreadable to anyone who has skeptical leanings (especially when playing the logical fallacy drinking game--you'll be piss drunk by the end of the first paragraph of most of his posts).'

Others are discussing this post in a more favourable way. I'm not telling tales, Rudism, just thought your comments were a little harsh. Talk about incommensurability!

>you remember Rudism?

No, actually. But apparently he remembers me!

>No, actually.

I think his name is Rudis, or something like that. He had a blog where he wrote about how unscientific parapsychology is. You criticized it and recommended some books. At least, I think that's the chap.

Better be off for now.If I hang around much longer I might end up drunk!

An old Arabian proverb is the best response to folks like that:

"The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on."

>"The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on."

I will remember that one. Should come in handy with a few relatives over the Christmas period. ;)

Great thoughts, thank you for sharing them.

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