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I saw the article and was amazed by the sheer scale of the whole thing. I can't even imagine all the work they must have put into it, and all of the art created from Airaudi's visions. (I am really impressed by the art).

The cultlike movement that sprang up from it seems a little strange, I'll agree; I wonder if that was the creator's intention or simply a side-effect?

>Why, I wondered, would I possibly dream about Shirley Temple?

This is a recurring pattern of my own precognitive dreams. I will wake up in the morning with a vivid image or memory from a dream, and the first thing I read (or the first person I see) will echo that dream in undeniable fashion.

There's a marvelous book by Dale E. Graff, founder and former director of Stargate, the government's RV program. It's called Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness. In it, he details a variety of experiements he conducted. In one, he would have a friend put a marker into a magazine. On awakening, Dale would open the magazine to the marker and check out the image on that page.

His results were often striking, to say the least!

A wonderfully persuasive and entertaining book. Informal yet smart, and full of wonder. Somewhat like Mental Radio.

>His results were often striking, to say the least!

What I meant to say is that he often had a dream that foreshadowed the image in remarkable ways. At least one of the experiments—a picture of the Titanic and its doomed passengers, and Graff's emotional dream with specific details that predicted it—was quite moving.

Hi, Michael take a look at this on youtube Michael Roll, Ron Pearson and a few eye witnesses that have taken part in seances and David Icke. Michael Roll says i'm sure my mom never brainwashed me and lead me to these wonderful scientists such as Crookes. What is your opinion on these videos it's called the science of eternity.

From the web site description: "The most important activity of the community is the construction of its underground temple."

This is a rather unusual goal. Why do they need such a huge, elaborate fortress?

This is amazingly cool. But, the cult seems like your standard Heaven's Gate / Jonestown loony crowd.

Amazingly elaborate. From a painter's point of view, there seems no place for the eye to "rest", and the result is visual overload. My greatest interest comes from the spontaneous nature of the creations, the subconscious seeming to work like a runaway train.The obsessive use of detail reminds me of the case of Richard Dadd (1817-1887), a painter who, as a young man, killed his father and was thereafter confined to Bedlam Hospital, where he produced a small output of overly-detailed paintings, perhaps the most well known being "The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke" (1854-55), a small canvas showing various fairyfolk in a field of grasses, flowers and mosses. One fairy appears to be chopping open a chestnut, but the activities of the rest are known only to the artist (who never elaborated on them). The detail work is almost excruciating. The artist is generally lumped into the 19th century Symbolist movement, another of whose work (Jean Delville) is perhaps an inspiration for the work depicted in this subterranean temple.

And I must add, Michael and Bruce, that such dream synchronicities ("temple") happen to me often, as well. As a result, I've read extensively on the topic (including Jung's monograph) in an attempt to get a better understanding of the purpose and meaning behind "meaningful coincidences" (if there IS any purpose or meaning). My present read, as I await Chris Carter's next volume, is a late 80's book "Dreams That Come True", by Dr David Ryback with Letitia Sweitzer, seeking to become more comfortable with the "future memories" which are my precognitive dreams, having found some comfort in their seeming prevalence (to judge from the researches of this particular clinical psychologist). As a clinician, Dr. Ryback was a Freudian, though I don't believe he presently practices and I'm unaware if he still follows in Freud's psychological philosophies (especially the tripartite self: id, ego & superego). It is consistantly interesting to see what info "pops" into mind when the conscious is in the sleep/idle mode. Does anyone know the release date for Carter's next opus?

> a late 80's book "Dreams That Come True", by Dr David Ryback

I love that book! Chock full of startling yet believable accounts of precognitive dreams.

Another favorite book on pd's is the classic An Experiment in Time, by J. W. Dunne. After detailing his own experiences, Dunne provides an experiment that anyone can try. When I did it myself over a period of weeks, I was stunned at how many of my own dreams seemed to precisely foretell future events. These were dreams and images I would otherwise have totally forgotten if I hadn't taken the trouble to record them immediately upon awakening.

Michael and others—I challenge you to try Dunne's fascinating experiment and let us know what happens!

Actually, the book is called An Experiment WITH Time.

Leo those are very interesting videos on youtube concerning the after life. Especially the story of the entity (son) that gave out his parents phone number so the journalist could contact them. As the mother stated it kind of blows your mind to get a phone call like that saying your dead son is coming thru a medium and wants to contact you. Her husband was very articulate and informative concerning these experiences and why he believes the mass media does not promote these stories.

This series of videos claim physical manifestations are for real.

Worth watching these videos that suggest there are many layers of dimensions within the same space and this may account for this 95% of the energy in the universe we cannot see or measure.

Bruce-you'll enjoy this coincidence: Dunne's book sits on my shelf, waiting to be read (it may well be next). You're right about the Ryback book, as it's overflowing with examples of future memories. To anyone reading this thread who is interested, the book ("Dreams That Come True" by Dr. David Ryback) is available thru Amazon.

interesting to me is that there were no comments on the you tube videos leo suggested.

why is that?

did anyone view them?

excellent story about an entity that actually gave the telephone number out for his parents so the medium and journalist at the seance could contact his parents.

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