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Interesing post this one: -

Ill recount an experience i had earlier this year.

My wife and i got married in may this year.
We intended on having the ceremony outside in their beautiful garden.

In the weeks leading up to big day i asked the divine spirit if it could be possible that just for a few hours at least, the weather be fine for us.

The week before the big day it was grey and rained seemingly constantly.

The big day arrived and when i looked out of the window, much to my dismay, the weather was grey, cloudy, rain showers and very windy.

2 hours before the ceremony was due to start the master of ceremonies asked what i wanted to do.

I said, lets chance it, while black clouds rolled over with the odd bit of blue trying to come through.

30 minutes later, the ceremony was due, the cloud started to thin.

Fast forward to my wifes arrival, the string quartet started playing, and seemingly the sun came out, blazed through and stayed with us for the rest of the day.

Everyone on the day said it was uncanny how "the weather seemed to pick up just at the right time" - later that night the rain came down again and stayed like that for several more days.....

In my heart i felt something special had happened (as did others of spiritual persuasion) so yes, im very much open to the idea of creating what you wish for!

When I was in college (a religious school), a professor announced one day that, due to a death in his family, class would not be held that Friday.

A fellow student exclaimed loudly for all the class to hear that he had wanted to attend an event over the weekend but he needed to leave on Friday to get there on time. Further, he had been praying to God that somehow he could skip class on Friday, which would have been greatly frowned upon by the faculty. The student joyously exclaimed that God had answered his prayer.

I studied the professor's face and could see the same bewilderment that I felt. How could someone believe that God would cause tragedy for some so that others could get their wish.

While I am sure that God (or whatever your higher power is) could easily do us a favor, even if it comes at the expense of others, he does not do that. Instead, we are probably just adrift in a sea of possibilities and sometimes we get get a lucky break.


Ah, Michael! The "power of intention"! A subject that I've been wrestling with a good bit this past year! I do hope you'll offer your own take on it in the future :o)

Too bad that no matter how you phrase it, prayer doesn't affect reality. At all.

The minute it was announced in the press that Perdue was going to hold this rain dance, I turned over to the yahoo weather site (whose data comes from and saw that a 70% chance of rain was predicted to occur about 36 hours after his ceremony. What a joke.

>Too bad that no matter how you phrase it, prayer doesn't affect reality. At all.

Early studies seemed to show that prayer positively affected the medical outcomes of hospital patients. However, more recent (and generally larger) studies have cast doubt on these claims. At the moment, the jury is still out. Lynn McTaggart's book The Intention Experiment provides a balanced presentation (pp. 84-93).

There does not seem to be any reasonable doubt, however, that a properly focused intention (not necessarily prayer) can affect reality. For instance, there is a lot of evidence that the mind can affect the growth of biological organisms (DMILS - Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems). See books by Larry Dossey, Herbert Benson, etc, or the McTaggart book mentioned above.

The Atlanta story interests me only because it's in the news, and because the skeptical reaction was so predictable.

Can anyone say post hoc ergo propter hoc?

Even in a drought, it's going to rain eventually. When "intention affecting reality'' is defined so that success counts as making a wish that is certain to come true in some unspecified amount of time, then yes, intention can affect reality. Why am I not impressed?

If wishing really makes it so, you guys should all be at the blackjack tables praying for 21. Good luck to you.

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