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Once the ego has you thinking about me, me, me, it's got you in its grip. - MP

Every one of those statements is about separation, which has everything to do with "why we are here." Almost everything in this life is about experiencing separation and it doesn't always have to be physical separation, it can also be about emotional separation. It may be impossible to "become" or learn what it means to be a separate individual in heaven due to the overwhelming feelings of oneness and connectedness. i.e. the holographic nature of the spiritual universe. - Art

House of lies or house of protection? You may want to check out the course in miracles. It is very much into the ego and its deception. Here is the interesting part. It appeared to me that the longer one was in the Course the more ego driven they became.

When our group broke up when the facilitator retired and moved to southern Arizona in a place called Cochise a couple of years later I attended a course in miracles study group. The egos were alive and well in that group. The facilitator loved to hear themselves’ talk quite opposite what they needed to do as a facilator.

One would think with all those teachings in the Course about the deception of the ego the folks would have been able to see their need to satisfy their own egos was rampant. Even in our group I noticed a need for everyone including myself to state something profound to try to get I suspect the admiration from the others.

I suspect one cannot eliminate the ego. When my own jumps up and says or thinks something for attention, which is often I try to just smile and think to myself got to love that ego it never lets up. I think we have to learn first to recognize it and then to love it and comfort it. It is a necessary component for our evolutionary process. We are gods in the making but first we have to pay our dues as a perceived self-identity absorbed in self.

What l think is interesting there are a number of these people on this elimination of the ego journey and they do not hesitate to tell you that a statement you made was from your ego without realizing of course that by stating that to you it was their ego needing to feel superior to you and by doing this they have just shown their own feelings of incompleteness.

The journey continues. We feel separated from our source or oneness and this leaves us with a feeling of incompleteness so we try a variety of ways to compensate for those feelings. Such as wealth, power, sex, fame, prestige, stardom, religion, guru, etc.

In a capitalistic individualistic competitive society like ours one has to wonder how ego driven these traits are and how much negative impact these traits have on a society. We appear to be more of a “me, me” society than a “we are in this together society”.

On the other hand trying to create a utopian society based on satisfying humans needs without a spiritual meaning to life that did not seem to go so well for the Russians. Maybe the moderate way like the Buddha suggested. Also the "master mind" in the book the open door suggested the moderate path. Balance, balance, balance.

This is a more widespread problem than most people realize, particularly here in the U.S., where the now-ubiquitous monster that is consumerism first twitched on the operating room table while Victor Frankenstein cackled with triumphant glee ("It's ALIVE, it's ALIVE"). Sorry about that last part, but the manner in which consumerism and its Igor-like attendant, advertising, have appealed to the ego to generate so much wealth has been an interesting, if depressing, spectacle for too many decades. Michael is too right about the ego. That monster needs to be put in its place and held there by force, if necessary. I remember the relief I experienced when I decided (agreed?) to follow my subconscious and paint the involuntry images which I now create, regardless of "fame and fortune" (two things in which I place no value). Despite the economic difficulties, I have no anxiety about ego and no insecurities trouble me. After seeing all the thrashing-about which people do for attention and self-gratification (THERE'S an all-too-obvious concept), I decided that the unofficial motto of most Americans is:"What About ME?!"

"That monster needs to be put in its place and held there by force"

It is called karma and it is not a monster but love in action and it works to perfection but not always on our time frame.

It is not punishment but "it brings us to what is essential for our development". (Brunton) For lack of a better explanation our lessons in life. Karma guides us to higher levels of consciousness whether we want to go along for the ride or not. It is the perfect part of the perfectly imperfect.

For anyone that wants to read about such things as karma and ego Paul Brunton is a good read. He spent his entire adult life traveling the world seeking into the mysteries of life and was able to achieve a very high level of peace (enlightenment?) in his own life.

Here is a little jewel from Brunton’s book what is karma? “People will moan about their unhappy past and ache because they cannot undo it; but they forget to undo the unhappy future which they are now busy making”.

If you read Brunton be careful because many of his books were published after he died from his notes over his lifetime and he made one crucial mistake. He did not date these notes so if one reads him very carefully one will see that he did change his mind about some of his statements. Karma is one of those changes. He calls karma punishment in this book but in another he has a more liberal view of karma not as punishment but lessons in life.

I pretty much agree with William's first comment. Dysfunctional egotism in today's society has arisen due to our Western culture's belief that we are separate from All That Is. As a result, we are left feeling abandoned and insecure in a dog-eat-dog world; feeling powerless, the ego must then try to adapt by constantly focusing on survival and protection of the self, sometimes at any cost. Our egotistical behavior reflects a defense mechanism borne out of fear--fear for one's own wellbeing in a perceived lacking society.

The way to return the ego to its natural state--which is an unconscious, continuous process of tuning into one's environment through the senses and feeding important information back to the waking awareness to efficiently create a more harmonious life based on our beliefs and intentions--is to grasp the realization that our existence is naturally part of a flowing matrix of consciousness that interconnects everything as one. This way of being allows us to experience the intelligently balanced forces of nature which always provides freedom from insecurity and scarcity.

The scientifically-bent mind cannot accept the concept of a higher, group-mind type of consciousness because it cannot be scientifically measured or proven to exist.

This state of imbalance is also driving the "wealth-building" or "creating abundance" craze that we are currently seeing playing out in Western society, again derived from feeling insecure and deprived.

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