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The thing that has always seemed odd to me about recounted past life regressions, is the seemingly detailed description in certain trivial parts of the story, and the seemingly fuzzy detail in important "verifiable" parts where one would expect clarity.

For example, Chase clearly describes his black wife's dress

She's wearing a blue dress with a white apron. She wears a dress with petticoats and black boots. She has straight hair she wears pulled back in a rag.
Yet when it comes time to describe his "favorite place", an area where he routinely made pots, the best that he can muster is
There's a green area behind my house with bushes around. That's my favorite place -- that's where I make my pots.
If Chase had given a town name or state, one could possibly investigate Civil War records and see if Black men were enlisted from that area, and in what year.

One thing I do find interesting in Chase's second regression at eight years old, is the language he uses. Most eight year olds don't know what "petticoats" are or would ever describe a woman's hair as being in a "rag".

I can't really say what I think about all this. I still think it is possible for Chase to have been channeling someone else's life and reporting it back as his own. To me, the evidence of reincarnation still remains inconclusive.

For more information on the subject there are three good books (aside from the late great Ian Stevenson's stuff).

Life Before Life by Jim Tucker
Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
The Book of the Soul by Ian Lawton

Interestingly, the latter two books discuss the "up" (interlife, life between lives, etc) that Michael mentions in his post.

My problem with the reports of the regressions of 5 year olds is that they always seem to have better than a 5 year old's grasp of language. I have never heard a 5 year old child capable of using the descriptive language that Chase is supposedly using. No way a five year old talks like this. I'd love to hear the original tapes. Of course, it may be that the past self is capable of the more advanced language, I don't know.

I have read a story about a child that started to talk about a past life even to the point of identifying the type of plane he flew in world war II and the name of the person that was his wing man and how he was shot down and killed and the name of the air craft carrier that he flew from and I think even his name and the date he was killed in this past life. When his parents checked it out they validated his dates and name not only of the wingman but his name and date he died in the military records.

His mom noted when he was just 2 how he loved planes and knew so much about them. He had a plane and his mom thought the big cigar-looking thing on the bottom was a bomb but he said no mom that is an extra fuel tank we can release when empty. He was right.

As I now have a 2 and 1/2 year old granddaughter she says things that my son and his wife swear they have not taught her or she has seen on TV. And they are not into this reincarnation idea at all. So far she has not talked a foreign language yet. She loves computers and electronic stuff and walking thru a store she stated when she saw a computer "I need one of those". I signed her up for at “my gym” for little kids and all she does is play with the vcr at the gym and keeps wanting to fix it.

It appears to me that reincarnation is a realty. Not a pleasant thought. I prefer art's idea off to the white light and bliss. But it appears we have to do this human thing until we progress enough to move into a dimension beyond human consciousness.

As far as life between lives hypnosis Michael Newton’s book journey of souls got a big plug on the Larry king show last week from Shirley McLain. Spiritualism and Spiritist teachings appears to contradict some of Newton’s findings.

I believe in Telepathy,remote viewing and intuition which is top on my list.When I was little probably no more than 3-4 at the time in the mid 50's I remember it still today as clear as when I dreampt it,of walking out in our backyard and opening my hand to look at a picture..only the strange thing was this picture was a 'moving picture' in color. I don,t recall if their was audio but it was like magic! in my dream. Now we have all these gadgets that mimic my dream as a young child. I call that looking into the future and even more I had a dream of the Gulf War before it happened. only I told my sister who was really into phenonomas astrology etc, she had died a few years later of cancer. She used to interprete my dreams. it was both fascinating and unnerving. this dream was of a hospital in which I smelled blood and had a feeling of immense danger. I walked up these stairs into the first floor of the ward and could see soldiers laying in these old fashion beds with skinny bars at the head and iv bags hanging everywhere. My fear was immediatly realized when I seen a huge tiger approaching from the other side of the hall, coming up opposite me and he had blood on his mouth. I ran down the stairs and looked back to see him not even approaching any soldier as they lay with bloody dressings but seemed disinterested as he stalked down the hall toward me. I ran through the doors to the outside and seen craters where bombs have obviously hit.
my dear sister interpreted this dream as a vision of sorts. here is her interptetation:
"To me this dream tells of the tiger being us, the United States or 'paper tiger' who is misjudged for being no took seriously. the soldiers whom the tiger ignored was our power to rise and show our strength,but still not harm the weak or those who are in harm's way but not able to defend themselves. "We will not be reckoned with" or played for a fool." thus paper tiger turned into proving his Nobility when provoked." To me what she said fit that dream, because we were 'backed into a corner and when worst comes to worst will not back down. when Saddam invaded Kuraitt. So I frmly beleive we have mental powers as William said is a fraction of what lies beyond those filter bands or sensory limitations that can be improved through practice in the mind horizons.

Lucyjane D
Any comments welcomed

I'm not sure what to think, but I find these accounts fascinating. They seem more plausible than many stories of past lives that I've come across. I hate to think that everyone has to experience war, and if so I selfishly hope I've done my stint already in some other life. That is interesting how he said, "I was up," as a reason for missing WWII. To me that makes the account slightly less plausible. It seems a little too reminiscent of how people say to kids that someone who's died is "up in Heaven."

It appears to me that some people reincarnate right away which I suspect is a mistake, as often rest is needed after a human life. Others take some time to rest and then make a decision to come back to advance their soul. Others it appears say something to the affect "no way, never again”.

I just met this past two days a former classmate after not seeing him for 52 years as he walked out to greet me he had tears in his eyes and he stated "oh william it has been a struggle". Now this was the toughest guy in the small high school that I attended. He quickly gained composure and the two days we talked he never has any tears in his eyes again.

But my point is how many of us would tear up when we have not seen someone for 52 years if not for being taught to always be in control of our emotions. I shall never forget the toughest guy in our high school having tears in his eyes. We both agreed how fast our lives went and now as we look back it appears as more of a dream than we actually lived it.

Maybe this human life is more of dream and our true reality is the other side or as some Hindus state it is all a dream but oh what a dream.

If you turn on the TVLand channel on my TV Elizabeth Montgomery reincarnates several times a day. According to Dr. Pimm Van Lommel our brains work as recievers and transmitters of information. I suspicion children who haven't developed a strong sense of self, and adults who have their own sense of self turned off by a hypnotist might be able to tune into the Akashic Records and pick up on someone elses life. Reincarnation is just a word that describes something which I believe we don't fully understand.

>a child that started to talk about a past life . . . identifying the type of plane he flew in world war II

Carol Bowman herself helped to develop this case, and considers it the single most evidential case on record. (Of an American child, that is.) Here's a full account:

Read this, Michael, and let us know what you think.

I just realized that my name didn't get attached to that post about Carol Bowman and the reincarnated airman. That's what I get for posting from the wrong browser!

The family of this boy believed he has been touched by a spirit of the man shot down in a plane. I suspect their religious beliefs do not include reincarnation. Many early Christians believed in reincarnation but when Rome took over Catholicism reincarnation was wiped out using much violence and torture.

Maybe the best case out there is a case in India. (Shanti ?) This case has been checked out by many people even a committee set up by Gandhi. She remembered many things about her past life including her children’s and husband’s names and where she hid money in her former house. Also she recognized her uncle when she got off the train on the way to this former house. He had been stationed in a group to see if she would notice him when she got off the train. Remembering these past lives is not usually a good thing because when they took her to visit her former children and husband she cried violently when they forced to leave.

Why do we believe that one life can advance us enough to be able to achieve a heavenly consciousness? It appears we learn very little in one life at least in the area of love, compassion and divine intelligence. Once we get a belief in our minds we pretty much want to stick with that belief in spite of the evidence. As I have stated on here several times changing beliefs can be a mentality painful experience.

An interesting account. For me, the most fascinating (and depressing) lines in the account were "Everyone has to be in a war. It balances everything out". Considering the suffering which is distributed by war, this seems to me another indicator of the necessity of "bad" experiences in human life, the opportunities for learning and development in the worst of times, and even how our conceptualizations of "good" and "bad" are,like so much of conscious existence, relative to the observer. If this is all a course in development we can understand how there can be much that is "good" in the "bad". I've long believed that the real measure of ourselves is in the "bad" moments, in how well we accept the challenges, the pains, the defeats and difficulties, though we may be embarrassed and ashamed if our responses are recalled as selfish or impatient or bitter or otherwise less than admirable. It's so easy to think that the plans we make for our lives SHOULD be carried out, that our will is enough to persevere, but memories of the future (precognition) combine with memories of the past to make clear that the agenda for us is made elsewhere. We are the players, not the playwrites. That being acknowledged, the memories which seem to be of past lives (even I experienced some of this as a child, though most of it has faded)could serve us as glimpses into the much larger picture, a possible avenue which will lead us to answers to the questions of conscious existence and its meaning, and perhaps the nature of "meaning" itself.

>The family of this boy believed he has been touched by a spirit of the man shot down in a plane. I suspect their religious beliefs do not include reincarnation.

For me, this is one of the many persuasive arguments for the validity of these accounts. Carol Bowman stresses that parents are often deeply reluctant, at first, to believe a childs' story of a past life because it threatens their religious framework. One parent said “Getting to the point of reconciling reincarnation with my Christian faith was a difficult and trying journey for me. But I have arrived.”

It appears to me that there was a large group of Christians that believed in reincarnation but they were wiped out and those that believed all you had to do was accept Jesus as a savior won out and controlled the masses religious beliefs.

Setting up a religion where all you have to do is believe something to get to heaven and not go to hell is a heck of a deal. The idea of coming back many if not hundreds of times is not a pleasant thought.

I read somewhere that (egar?) Casey read over 2500 people while in a trance and only stated twice that those people did not have to reincarnate. In no way am I suggesting Casey’s readings were valid but found that bit of information interesting.

My take is we are going through some kind of evolution of consciousness. The bad and good things in our lives and how we respond to them work like a lapidary machine polishing our souls. The solvent in the lapidary machine is the experiences in our lives and like rocks we are all rubbing/tumbling (friction) together in our relationships with one another.

Karma is some type of feedback system that guides us to greater and greater awareness of love, compassion, and divine intelligence.

interesting. as an hypnotherapist i have done some regression work, but nothing resulting in the vivid clarity of this young man`s recollection.

my focus in regression is primarily therapeutic and i was interested in seeing that the first regression the young man experienced alleviated his fear of loud noises.

to me it`s not important that these recollections are "real" so much as that they provide some insight into a person`s life now.

So Carol Bowman puts her son on the spot. Ms. Bowman, let your son grow up and this mystery to yourself. It takes a terrible mother to warp a child. Let him be a child. Book profits can come later.

You mention trivial vs. significant. Remembering details of "scenery" or "landscape" to me seem trivial: window dressing. Memories of loved ones are infused with emotion. "She's wearing a blue dress with a white apron. She wears a dress with petticoats and black boots. She has straight hair she wears pulled back in a rag." Love imprints - we are here to connect and attach with love .... everything else is smoke. IMHO...
Thank you for reviewing this book. : )

I dislike the comment from someone telling the woman to stop bothering her son with past life memories. My mother had an open mind and I wish she would have been more open than she was. I was born observing things as an adult, and could remember another language, so learning English was a big challenge to me. This may be a clue to autism in some cases. I was astonished by the decor and music in the USA in the 1950s. Later, in life, I recalled being a young girl who fell or was pushed from a window in the lower east side of New York at the beginning of the 20th century. I also remember, still, being a man in the 19th century. My first husband was my mother in a past life -- my current mother recognized him as such. A college girlfriend had been my husband in a past life, and I didn't want to be a lesbian in this one. Sad, huh? No one pushed me into these ideas, and I am NOT crazy. I just remember, okay?

Wendy, you are CRAZY! Ms. Bowman, let your son be a child and have a normal childhood. Book profits don't have to come now at the expence of your son's privacy.

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