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OK my research demonstrates science as what's called in Freemasonry: The Separation of Heaven (mind) and Earth (body). This process means left-brain dominance for right-hand technology while the right-brain is cut off from transforming the body's emotions. So the technology is a projection of repressed emotions (what Dr. Helen Caldicott calls "Missile Envy") and since the brain is cut off from the body, there is an increased focus on sex as a pure animal-materialist process.

This is one of those rare articles that just comes out with the obvious. Here's the alternative:

Well I would say the most important reference is Louis Kervan's book "Biological Transformations" because the light that is created through ionization is a product of internal focus. The best book on this subject is "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality." To create electromagnetic fields in the body (thereby clearing out the electrochemical blockages), the "spirit of no spirit" (the female formless awareness) is really just the silence of the inner ear that then creates generative force. Generative force is just ultrasound (that can only be heard INTERNALLY) thereby ionizing what would normally turn into seminal fluid.

So males do not normally produce much testosterone in the adrenal gland (in contrast to females) -- unless males connect the reproductive organs with the kidneys (called the "internal reproductive organs" in Taoism).

This can be done through trance dance around a fire, as was the case for the Bushmen culture. The dance is done at night (after 11 pm) because that's when the circadian rhythm naturally resonates the generative force (the combination of ultrasound and electrochemicals) up the spine. After 1 pm during the day the circadian rhythm closes the generative force (electrochemical) channels of the back (the governing channel) and instead opens the front channels of the main organs (the functioning channel).

Ultrasound is created through internal focus -- with the two eyes as the sun and moon external electromagnetic energy, that when crossed (or focused on the tip of the nose -- or on a candle or on the palms of the hands in front of the belly) thereby connects the circuit to open up the pineal gland, again through the ionization of the electrochemical energy.

As the ultrasound descends as negative or yin generative force, (the spirit of no spirit) then the positive generative force (the sex hormones) unite with the ultrasound, creating great heat as "prenatal vitality" -- the alchemical agent.

In fact the whole process is based on the harmonics of complimentary opposites - through the logic of inference, which again can not be contained in a geometric measurement, using symmetrical number. So the observation of particles (or an alchemical agent) is really just a byproduct of the male attempt to contain the female formless awareness (also called essential nature).

The best alchemy can do is to "scatter vitality" or electromagnetic information throughout the universe -- as the complete transformation of the physical body. This is the highest ability -- to create another physical body but even so when the final "jump into emptiness" occurs then it's no different than the original female formless awareness which is just the silence or space between our I-thoughts.

The conclusions of that article are based on what evidence exactly?

Don't you know its only pseudoscience if it involves theorizing and explanations that are 'alternative' and outside the mainstream box? :P

Seriously, some of the authoritative statements I've read by so-called respected scientists are way more far-fetched than anything put forward by parapsychologists.

Ha Mind Hacks actually posted my argument that Poe understood the true meaning of music (paranormal logic) better than Sack's new book: Musicophilia.

If we continue to let the economists in America run our economic policies then we could very well have two species the dumbed down worker bees and military mercenaries formerly the lower and middle class Americans and the elitists. Think I dipped into sarcasm on that one.

The other day while glancing at Yahoo, it had that article on people believing in Ghosts, complete with the image of a wild-looking stereotypical hollywood gypsy fortune teller, and the link to 'view more' said "check out what other superstitions people believe in", (I've seen a number of their articles dealing with paranormal stuff are written by one-sided Skeptic Magazine people, so Yahoo is apparently one-sided in the Skeptic department), yet today, they have this article on there on people evolving into ugly grimlins in a thousand years, without sufficient evidence, presented without any sort of skepticism whatsoever, just because hey, it's dealing with evolution by an evolution theorist scientist! Therefore any scientist saying anything on evolution must automatically be right about it, right?

Nevermind the overwhelming amount of Veridical, Anecdotal, Circumstantial, and in some cases Objective Evidence in favor of Apparitions and Hauntings being a real phenomenon, that's just "superstition"! On the other hand, some evolution theorist says without evidence we will evolve into ugly grimlins in a thousand years, it must be true!

Kinda funny. Skeptics will endlessly play the Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda dance and invoke Universal Conspiracy Theory to alternatively explain this and that phenomenon and case (without honestly researching all sides of the issue I might add) but this little article is rather blindly accepted as credible without evidence by even skeptical news sources.

How the hell does this count as "science" in any way? Medicine and cosmetic surgery are not inheritable traits that can be passed from one generation to the next. And if humans from 3000 years ago are practically the same as humans of today what makes those people think that in 3000 years we'll devolve into trolls and freaky looking Scandinavian weaklings?

Don't be hasty with that judgement, Michael: recently posted actual titles of scientific papers (some with attending links) which will contend with your choice for "stupidist ever". How about "The Effect of Country Music on Suicide", or "Chickens Prefer Beautiful Humans"(no mention of how they like them cooked), or "Pressures Produced When Penguins Poo--Calculations on Avain Defecation (self-explanitory), or "Navigation-Related Structural Change in the Hippocampi of Taxi Drivers"? There are so many more, all of them actual research projects, all of them off-the-scale for giggle factor. Who would like to do some research on the giggle factor scale? Somewhere out there funds are available and waiting. Now THAT is funny.

Hi Michael

I agree. It was a stupid article for a newspaper science section, and doesn't even pass as bad SF. Wells did it better in "The Time Machine" 110 years ago.

I would rather be an ugly Morlock than a useless, parasitical Eloi.

The first comment was incoherent. Was that a defense of the article?

You can find more details at my latest article publication: with links to previous articles that are more accessible or click on my homepage which is my new blogbook. My masters thesis is linked at which, by it's url address, should answer your question.

Sorry I know this in totally the wrong place but I couldn't find Michael's email. I really enjoy the blogs and discussions but can't seem to get the blog feed working. Could anyone advise please?

sorry email screwed on last entry

I prayed, in vain, that this would turn out to be satire...

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