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For the record, the title of my essay as it appears in the anthology is "Hungry Ghosts: The Dark Side of the Paranormal."

Michael Tymn, who sometimes comments here, has an chapter called "Multilingual Mediumship."

Thanks for mentioning it Michael, and sincere thanks for allowing us to print your wonderful essay! As I've mentioned previously, the profits go back to the contributors as royalties, so it's a good way for web readers to show some support for the quality writers/researchers (like yourself) out there, and receive a high quality 'fun' read in return.

For those who would like to see the full list of contributors, I>posted it on the the Daily Grail a few weeks ago. Also, I will be launching the Darklore website probably tomorrow, which will have some free essays from Darklore 1 available as 'tasters'.

Kind regards,

Sounds interesting.

Tell me, you haven't got any plans on writing a full length book on the paranormal, do you, Michael? That would be very, very interesting.

>you haven't got any plans on writing a full length book on the paranormal, do you, Michael?

No plans at present. But thanks for asking. Maybe someday!

Well, if you do write a book on the paranormal, may I suggest you use a ghost writer. (Drum roll please).

Thanks folk, I'll be here all week.

Marcel, LOL! BTW, you sound like Donny Osmond over web radio, which is a good thing, he's made a good living with his voice :)

MP, If that's the article I'm thinking of, that's one of my all-time MP favorites - good choice Greg.

Thanks FloridaSuzie,

I led the collection off with MP's piece as we cover a lot of weird territory, and that essay is the perfect 'warning' for readers to keep their wits about them.

Having said that, Darklore is meant as a fun read - so don't expect it to be too respectable (although, with the quality of contributor, we certainly don't slum it with some of the other publications in this genre)! As I mention in the introduction to the anthology, if readers want scholarly treatments of these subjects, the Journal of Scientific Exploration fills that role perfectly.

Sales of the collector's edition have been wonderfully strong, so it seems people are interested in taking a peep! If only MP would give them back their eyes...

Kind regards,

Should have mentioned, considering the main topic discussed here on MP's blog, that there are three essays in Darklore on the afterlife subject. Michael Tymn discusses a multilingual medium, Susan Martinez the link between great author's and the 'other' world, and Michael Grosso writes about death-bed visions. I tangently discuss sounds heard at the time of death as well in my own essay.

Kind regards,

A word on Amazon and the Chris Carter book...

I mentioned on another thread that Amazon had said it was on back order for March. Almost immediately, however, they sent the book. So maybe that has been resolved.

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