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Based on the document released by the Office of Human Research Protection that reviewed this matter on behalf of the complainant (presumably Laurie Campbell), all that Mr. Schwartz's apparent transgressions amounted to was a mild slap on the wrist.

Obviously, there are a lot of missing details here, but one thing which is strikingly clear is that Dr. Schwartz is seeking redemption through the American court system, while the accusing parties are seeking redemption through the American kangaroo court system, aka the mustachioed, horn-blowing, Al Capone vault discovering, one-man band judge and jury.

Here's the URL for a University of Arizona page that provides Dr. Schwartz's credentials and a bit about recent NIH funding.

Dr Swartz joins a long list of paranormal investigators that will have to endure character assassinations.

There is a lot of fraud in the psychic business and many mediums with low levels of psychic abilities, so these assassinations will continue to occur. Plus atheism and science have become religions so they will attack anyone that does paranormal research. We humans will protect our cherished paradigms in spite of the evidence. There is too much mental pain involved not to protect our cherished beliefs.

Then we have the religious evangel folks that will hold up their black book and state every word in this book is truth without realizing that they better get busy and do some killing because it states in their book of truth that anyone that works on Sunday shall be put to death.

Fox noise appealed to all three of these religions. It is about ratings.

People believe that one phony medium means that all mediums are frauds; kind of like one crooked lawyer then all lawyers are crooked or one phony politician that will say anything and flip flop more than a fish on dry land to get elected then all politicians are phony. Sorry poor examples.

Settled in the courtroom. Good luck there. Who wins in the end the lawyers with their high price fees? This country pumps out lawyers like Japan and china pumps out engineers. Makes one wonder what the 21st century has in store for Americans.

Marcel wrote:
"the accusing parties are seeking redemption through the American kangaroo court system, aka the mustachioed, horn-blowing, Al Capone vault discovering, one-man band judge and jury."

It's amazing how well that kangaroo system works. It had me going. The first time I viewed it, I felt ready to crucify the guy. Then I decided to go back and listen to a portion again that I didn't understand, and I got a different meaning. The third time another meaning. Most of it is just dancing around the facts (facts which aren't even there) and playing on emotions. It's scary now to think most people who saw it only saw it one time through. Geez, what else do we see on TV that's just as misleading?

I just noticed the comment count on the other thread was 157. That was Geraldomania!

Questions for Schwartz:

how does Schwartz explain asking for 3 million plus to contact a deceased person?

Did he represent himself as a medium who got information in the shower?

How can we see the document in it's entirity?

Why is he trying to character assinate the complainants, without answering the questions?

Is it true that other documents and victims like Knopf exist?

Who is on your scientific advisory board at your lab?

Who approved those programs?

Who are your subjects?

Where is this lab?

Can journalists come by and do interviews?

What does the U of A have to say about this?

Can people actually put a name to posts and questions they expect answered?

I agree answering questions from anonymous persons is a bad idea. I can only assume such a person is a member of the group who is trying to harm Dr Schwartz's character because they are unhappy he didn't want people showing up in the lab impaired by alcohol for research sessions. Any other employer would fire such an employee but instead he tried to modify this behavior by instituting a program and give them a second chance. The mediums refused to participate and resigned. So much for trying to be a good guy.

The issue of the $3.5 million has been brought up before. It was proposed by the donor himself to endow a Chair in Parapsychology at the University of Arizona
named in memory of his deceased son.
Mr. Knopf can post the letter he waved around on Geraldo on the net anytime he wants so we can all see if it contains anything that is unethical. This was not brought up in the summary document but just about all your other questions were. The response document has been approved by the University and Dr Schwartz's Department Head so we can assume their position is that they support what the response says.

Mr. Knopf has made himself a public figure by appearing on Geraldo at Larfge. Therefore it is fair to point out he was sentenced to prison for fraud, that he was a client of one of the unhappy mediums and has practically no credibility in this situation.

At no time did Dr. Schwartz say he was a medium but he may've quoted Laurie Campbell
with whom, with Mr Knopf's permission, he discussed his deceased sons' readings.

This comment has been deleted by the Webmaster.

Ladies & Gents, we are not a court of law nor are we a university ethics committee. I am sure that if Dr. Schwartz is contemplating a slander suit, he has been advised not to use the internet as his soapbox.


Linda & Laurie, yes, Dr. Schwartz has many questions to answer, but so do you, primarily, why did you take your personal issues to the airwaves if you are a medium dedicated to the advancement of scientific exploration of consciousness survival? Surely you must have known this would set the cause back.

Ms. Campbell claimed that she resigned from Dr. Schwartz’s laboratory in
2005, and that this speaks to her opinions regarding Dr. Schwartz’s ethical
behavior. What the Geraldo segment did not mention is that (1) new
guidelines and procedures for advancing the ethics and scientific
understanding for mediums were being formulated at that time, initiated
partly by some inappropriate behavior by Ms. Campbell and some other
mediums, (2) all mediums would be required to go through a nine step
evaluation procedure, including taking a government mandated human subjects
ethics examine required of scientists and research staff, plus take a test
based on a book describing previous scientific research with mediums, (3)
Ms. Campbell was upset that she would have to undergo the required testing
for the new guidelines and procedures, (4) she decided not to participate in
the testing, and therefore (5) she was about to be let go by the laboratory,
and chose to resign instead

What a lie GS

This sure takes away from OHRP and AG's finding good job GS

This is getting more and more interesting. But more and more confusing as well.

There are three sides to every story. Swartz’s, fox noise, and the truth.

I suspect the truth has the least chance of surviving this one.

From my point of view I hope fox noise has to pay Swartz 20 million. Can you imagine the mediums he can buy for that amount of money? They will be coming out of the woodwork.

Why don’t we have today the great ones like Twigg, Piper, Flint, Holmes, etc instead the world gets excited when john Edwards gets a name right. His best reading I ever saw was the tweedy bird reading.

ohrp please read your doing it again!Check out

Have some guts. Include your name in your posts.

Okay, I'm shutting down this thread. Sorry, but when people start making unsubstantiated allegations (one of which I had to delete) about what goes on in Schwartz's lab, it's just gone too far.

I have no idea where the truth lies in this Knopf situation, but simple fairness demands that people with an obvious ax to grind (on both sides) not be encouraged to post nasty personal and irrelevant allegations on a public site.

P.S. I'm closing down comments on my last post, too, even though it has nothing to do with Schwartz. I don't want this discussion migrating over there.

Everyone take a deep breath, read some Eckhart Tolle, and in a day or two I'll post something nice about bunnies or butterflies and we can have a nice discussion about that.


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