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I came across this>2001 paper by famed neuroscientist Michael Persinger (he of the notorious "God Helmet", and cited approvingly by Dawkins, Blackmore, and the JREF crowd).

The paper is about neural correlates of paranormal experiences. Under the section "Special Cases", he tests a psychic (Sean Harribance) and a remote viewer (Ingo Swann). Both tests give statistically significant results under double-blind conditions. Persinger casually ignores the implications of this ("The neural mechanism ... remains to be identified") in order to spend time discussing the EEG readings...

Did this generate a controversy which I've missed, or has this just been quietly ignored? I can find plenty of squabbling about the supposed experimental failings of Gary Schwartz and the SRI researchers, but no real mention anywhere of this replication by "one of their own". Is anyone aware of any responses or discussion of these results?

No surprise on the Persinger data: once a science becomes attached to a particular theory, data which contradicts that theory tends to disappear without effect. Has anyone ever been able to reproduce Persinger's reported results with magnetic stimulation of certain brain areas, especially the temporal lobe? His widely trumpeted claims that temporal lobe epilepsy was responsible for NDEs and OBEs hasn't, to my knowledge, been corroberated. I know that changes in temporal lobe functioning have been found in NDExperiencers, but it isn't known whether the changes produced the experiences or vice versa. I'm looking forward to Carter's book. It promises to be a good follow-on after "Irreducible Mind".

I corresponded with Persinger a few years ago about Dr. Andrija Puharich's book "Beyond Telepathy" -- a must-read!! Puharich emphasizes the magnetic momentum of the proton-electron resonance being altered through increased potassium and decreased sodium intake. Puharich then ties this physiological transformation to his "psi-plasma vortex" model for bending spacetime.

Persinger knew Puharich fairly well and Persinger told me that he thought very highly of Puharich's psi-plasma model. When I asked Persinger about Puharich's CIA work I received no response. haha.

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