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Look at all those earthlings down there! Six billion of them. Juicy, tasty earthlings... :-)

I have about a dozen "moments in time" from my youth fixed in my mind, i.e., scenes which I can still picture very vividly in detail. One of them is seeing a flying saucer pass near my home in Alameda, Calif. It was about 1950, when I was 13. I ran in and told my mother, but she just smiled and shrugged it off. I can still picture it. It was not more than a thousand feet up and perhaps 200 yards south of my house. It was circular, shiny and metallic. I would estimate the diameter about 75-100 feet. I saw it for 10-15 second as it traveled east. No one can convince me it was a sun spot or some other illusion.

Here is a little item I came across in a 1929 book titled "A Curious Life" by George Wehner.
Wehner, a trance medium and clairvoyant from Detroit, Michigan, tells of his mediumistic experiences and other paranormal observations beginning when he was a small boy.

In one childhood observation, apparently during the late 1880s or early 1890s, Wehner recalled: “I also used to see at times beneath certain trees, strange creatures that I could not account for. They were sometimes four or five-feet in height, and they wore no clothing, being sort of halfway between human and animal. They had short legs, long arms, and wide frog-mouths in their clumsy ill-shapen heads. Their eyes were also froglike and faintly luminous. In color, their skins, if they can be so-called, were gray like the bark of the tree from where they came, or pale yellow, and sometimes greenish.”

Except possibly for the mouth, this description seems to be similar to those of modern-day UFO-type aliens.

Interesting, Michael. Seems like one of the first ever descriptions of a gray. Never heard of that one.

I've been "into" UFOs since 1996 or so. I DO have a photo of me playing drums in 1976 with a "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," t-shirt on but the obsession didn't start until my adult years.

These videos, which I just finished watching a half hour before I saw this thread, seem fake. But only a video/photoshop expert will be able to shine some light on it.

The best info. for the latest in UFO news, discussion and debate can be found here:

Anybody here heard of the case in Holland where the young man (Robbert) can predict when crop circles are going to form? One researcher was present with Robbert when one formed in the guy's backyard.

That story is here:

It's Case Number 1...

Robbert has also had beings slowly materialize in his home. The photos look fake but the researcher, who I consider to be very credible, vouches for the guy and was there when the being materialized again. I'm not sure if the being could be seen with the naked eye or just on film/digital photos. Nancy Talbott, the researcher, claims she could feel a change in the room right before the being materialized. If that's the right word.

The being looks like the being called, "Blue," from the Scole Experiment.

Here is Blue:

And here is the being from the Holland case:

Can somebody give me a quick lesson on how to put links in on these posts? Sorry for my ignorance.

The Holland case is amazing.

BTW, Robbert in Holland is also described as a medium.

Man running off of grounded UFO yelling to others "go back go back they are here to serve us as they promised, but they meant to serve us on their dinner plates.”

Paraphrase from a twilight zone show.

Our own gov in the nineties got to see a real live UFO with hundreds of others in phoenix. He claims it flew right over his head. The air force stated they were dropping flares. Yes and those flares moved right above people and made no noise and they were as large as a football field.

This has worked for years with the military. They consider the average American that dumb. Many still believe them after all this time.

Those WERE flares in Phoenix. Only problem was that the other, HUGE object was seen a few hours earlier. The media always melds the two together.

Here is a skeptical look at Robbert in Holland:

Hi JoeMB,

>Can somebody give me a quick lesson on how to put links in on these posts? Sorry for my ignorance.

Here is how I do it. If you want to link to>here, you write (a href= except that you use <> instead of ( ) throughout. Notice where the word, that appears as the link, is.

If you use Firefox (instead of internet explorer) and select view-->page source you can view the HTML code people use to achieve certain effects.

But remember to click preview before you post! There is nothing more embarrassing than posting a hash of a comment with bad HTML and having to repost the same thing.

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