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There are interesting parallels between this phenomenon and the mysteries of consciousness, not least being the reaction of the scientific mainstream to the data. When looking into the abduction area some years ago, I was startled to come across some reports of cases which included non-abducted witnesses and multiple abductions in which people were returned wearing someone elses clothing (one report told of a woman awakening draped in the clothes of some oversized male much larger than her husband). Those in the scientific community who attempted a blanket explanation of abductions as "sleep paralysis" and "hypnogogic hallucinations" never offered an explanation for these other cases. Their attitude of cocksure dismissal reminded me of the Marshall McLuhan quote that the really BIG secrets remain kept due to public incredulity. Fallibility does not disappear with post-graduate degrees. It speaks to the over-entertained laziness of so much of the population that they cannot recognize the inconsistant and untenable explanations which come from whichever Ph.D. "expert" is asked to comment on reports of events which seem outside of our daily experience. Arthur C. Clarke once noted that any scientist who pronounces something to be impossible is most likely to be wrong, as the history of science so vividly shows. I would recommend Thomas Kuhn's book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" as a starting point to illustrate the point.

Whenever "mainstream" thinkers have to resort to the use of ridicule, logical fallacies, and social isolation to attack those who think differently, it is a clear give-a-way that the mainstream view is wrong about the facts. The list of subjects include more than the afterlife, and ufo /alien abduction phenomena. It includes intelligent design, cold fusion, human evolution and probably more.

Hi Michael,

A worthwhile resource is the official website for the 'sequel' to 'Abduction', '>Passport to the Cosmos':

On that site readers can find many essays and audio interviews/lectures with the late Dr Mack, all freely available. It's a great resource, and there are some stimulating pieces there.

Mack often noted the inability of the materialist paradigm to deal with what Henry Corbin called 'the Imaginal Realm". Afterlife researcher Kenneth Ring devoted some space to these ideas in his book 'The Omega Project', and there are a number of other researchers who have pulled together various strands of 'the paranormal' (to generalise quite clumsily!) and seen commonalities and a possible origin in some such 'third realm'. Jacques Vallee and Rick Strassman would be others, off the top of my head.

I discussed this convergence briefly a while back in an interview I did>with Michael Grosso.

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Hi Michael & Greg

I remember Gleick's review of Mack's first book and he made some good points. Mack seemed to acknowledge the lack of any physical reality when he locates abductions in the Imaginal Realm. That makes me wonder just how 'alien' the entities involved really are. They've been around humans a very long time in many guises, so we're hardly strangers to them. Are we like pets to them? Would a visit to the vet - or worse, a biology lab - seem like an abduction to a small animal?

Here in phoenix several hundred people got to see a UFO fly right over them only a few hundred feet above them and a couple of football fields long. Even the governor at the time saw this UFO and he related this sighting on Larry king recently.

Thousands saw the lights of this UFO over phoenix in the nineties, but the air force said it was dropping flares. Mainstream media bought the flare excuses. No surprise there.

To state we humans are naive would be an understatement.

A movie was even made about the story that a logger was abducted by a UFO in the mountains near Pinetop Arizona I think. He was held for several days. He friends got scared, drove off, and left him.

I suspect that most but not all abduction stories are due to dreams, imagination, or just fraud. But what did James say about a white crow. It makes sense they are keeping an eye on us. We may be just a masters or PhD project for a very advanced species on a very advanced planet.

It also makes sense to me that the gradual evolution of our consciousness means someday we will be moving around in those UFO’s and have our own projects to look after. Gosh I hope when I get to that level my “project” turns out better than this one on earth where we so called civilized humans seem to delight in killing one another over land, oil, and religious dogma.

Just kidding this evolution of consciousness may be right on schedule.

another example of how skeptics 'explained' everything by doing a study that doesnt really prove anything.


Whatever the abduction phenomenon turns out to be, John Mack was a very brave man, willing to risk his comfortable position in Academia and his reputation in order to further our understanding of the Cosmos and our place in it.

God bless him.

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