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In fact, there is a very good article of hansen about CSICOP:

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"The same issue of the Rational Enquirer that carried Beyerstein's article carries this quote from comedian Richard Jeni on religious warfare: "You're basically killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend."
Mmmmmmm!!! Now that's interesting to me because Richard Jeni just recently killed himself. Now I know it means something, but I'm just not exactly sure what. Make of it what you will.
"The family of the late RICHARD JENI has released a statement concerning the comedian's death, confirming that Jeni "did take his own life," and revealing that he had earlier been diagnosed with "severe clinical depression coupled with bouts of psychotic paranoia."

"Finally, note that Beyerstein sets up a clear dichotomy. There are the pro-NDE people, who are scientifically illiterate, highly religious, part of a movement with an agenda, and probably motivated by personal profit (writing bestsellers). Then there are the skeptics, who apparently suffer from none of these liabilities."

Ah...Barry Beyerstein. Scientism fanatic Lindsay Beyerstein's father. I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

So what do the NDE Researchers have to say regarding the debunkers who had investigated the Maria "Shoe On The Roof" Case years after the fact?

"A team of scientific debunkers investigated the blue-shoe case. They took photographs to prove that Maria could have seen the shoe from the window. They could not explain, however, how she saw the scuff mark and the shoelace caught under the heel, especially since she was confined to bed at the time. Nor could they account for most of the other details she saw while out-of-body." - P.M.H Atwater, "The Complete Idiots Guide To Near-Death Experiences"

Yes, indeed, "Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

There's plenty of background information on CSICOP from a variety of sources. Look for Dennis Rawlins' insider report of CSICOP's handling of its first and only objective investigation of a paranormal claim, the Gauqelin astrological Mars-breeds-Olympians hypothesis. This very first investigation was enough to cause Marcello Truzzi, the "zetetic," to quit CSICOP.

Also, at Skeptical Investigations, you can find a series of articles by Guy Playfair on CSICOP's 30-Year War on the paranormal, ending with its name change to CSI last year.

The material there is generally representative of organized skepticism practices.

I apologize if my comment about the Beyersteins was insensitive.


If I'd known that Barry Beyerstein had just passed away, I would have moderated some of my own language in the first three posts!

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Nobel physicist Brian Josephson has a new excellent article about the psychological limitations of the skeptics -- freely available on his website.

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