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Not a UFO buff, either, but I recognize that there are many unexplained incidents in that area. Specifically, some crop circles are truly fascinating and very hard to explain man-made hoaxes. As an example, take a look at this one from a few days ago.

If the previous link does not work, it can also be found here at UFO Media Blog:

Probably is the laterns you know I hear a lot about ufo evidence but I think if there is evidence for ufo's it's very poor but hey I never saw a real ufo before for the ones that have claim too who knows maybe.

The only book I have read on the UFO phenomena is Colin Wilson's Alien Dawn. It was fascinating but the experiences are extremely peculiar. Wilson exercises his genius for synthesis and ties the whole thing in with the paranormal, OBEs, EHEs, the meaning and purpose of human existence, etc. In fact, I am surprised Wilson doesn't get more of a mention on this blog. I think it was the The Times that said about Wilson that he appears to have read every book ever written. I would add that he has written about 10% of them.

Excuse my ignorance what are EHEs
Thanks RodMcK

I found the latest one even more stunning...

How can hoaxers do this... or may be the news itself is a hoax :)


This striking design in a wheat field is an illustration of chaos theory, crop circle spotters say.

Sure enough, the 150m (500ft) long butterfly was soon causing chaos as a crop circle fan who travelled from Germany to Oxfordshire to see it plunged his hire car into a nearby canal.

Hi RodMcK,

An EHE or Exceptional Human Experience is a term coined by the late Rhea White. As she puts it:

'Exceptional Human Experience is a global term for what have been called mystical, psychic, peak, and flow experiences. Although I have isolated more than eighty types of EHEs, for the purposes of this article...I will list the five main classes with two examples of each: I. Mystical experience (conversion, unitive experience);II. Psychic experience (out-of-body experience [OBE], precognition); III. Encounter-type experience (angel encounter, UFOs); Death-related experience (mediumistic experience, near-death experience [NDE]; and V. Exceptional normal experience (aesthetic experience, empathy).'

(From Charles Tart Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the parapsychology of Spirituality, Hampton Roads, 1997)

Thank-you very much

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