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Clearly, there is some very hokey stuff in the history of mediumship. By no means to suggest that there were not many charlatans, it is very difficult to reconcile some of the hokiness connected with mediums like Helen Duncan and Mina Crandon with the seemingly veridical things that came through them on numerous other occasions. I always look for some other explanation before writing the person off as a fraud. A good example has to do with a spirit photographs produced through the mediumship of Violet Parent during the early 1900s. Some of them were very realistic looking, but one of them was supposed to be of Father Junipero Serra, the California missionary, and his mother, suppodedly impressed by Father Serra. He appears about twice the height of his mother and it is otherwise a very hokey looking photo. A skeptic cannot help but look at it and scoff. I was inclined to discredit it and all the other spirit photos until I realized that the spirits were impressing their own images of themselves upon the photographic paper. I believe Father Serra lived before photography was invented. Whether he had mirrors or not in his humble abode, I don't know. I suspect, however, that the best image he had of himself was from looking into some pond of water. And he probably thought of himself as twice as tall as his mother; hence, the very distorted photograph image of himself and his mother that he impressed on the photo paper.

By the same token, many of the old spirit photographs were debunked as looking very similar to portraits the alleged spirits had taken when incarnate. Think about it. If someone asked you to project an image of yourself to him or her over the phone, what image would you create in your mind to transmit? I doubt that I'd transmit the image I have of myself shaving in the morning. It would more likely be the image in the best photograph I have of myself.
Whenever I think of my deceased parents or brother, I think of them as they appear in photographs I have of them in my house, not at some obscure moment in time.

It may very well be that the very hokey ectoplasmic materialization of Helen Duncan's displayed above was due to the inability of the spirit to project her image into the ectoplasm and properly build it up. Maybe some artistic ability is necessary and she lacked it. I'm not saying that is the case. I'm just looking for alternative explanation after considering that Duncan produced some very veridical phenomena.

As for "Margery," there is a very similar story connected with the medium George Valiantine

He was supposed to get the fingerprints of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a few others, but they ended up being Valiantine's toe print. It is difficult to understand the motivation here and why he assumed he would not be caught when it was apparent that the fingerprints would be checked with those on file.

As has been indicated by many spirit communicators, there are mischevious spirits trying to "crash the party" and screw things up. Perhaps that was the case with Duncan, Valiantine, and Margery.

I believe "Margery" was the last serious investigation of a materialization case of that era. There was so much pro and so much con that psychical researchers didn't see any possibility of ever getting phenomena that was not controversial. My guess is that those on the other side probably threw in the towel as well, recognizing that they could not overcome the interefence of the mischevious spirits and that there was no point in continuing with similar phenomena.

There appears to be no correlation between being a great medium and having an honest character. Hence fraud. Calling all mediums frauds is like saying that if one lawyer or politician is a liar then all lawyers and politicians are liars. Sorry bad example.

As far as the two stories listed above the book “no living person could have known” has over a dozen of such stories. A must read for anyone interested in exceptional phenomena that defies explanation unless of course these phenomena are what they purport to be: that consciousness survives death and communication is possible with those no longer in a physical body.

Yes, there are indeed these type of stories as there are stories of QUITE REMARKABLE coincindences...there really are!

So something like coincidences can be taken as one of the reasons for any of the stories listed. Sometimes things (information) lines up for whatever reason. I can bet this reason has little to nothing to do with us as a species or individuals. The proof has long been in the pudding! Kinda like how someone wins the lottery playing once and another who plays all their life and never wins. There is no reason other than the universe(s) doing whatever it is that it is all being dragged along...we ARE indeed FUNDAMENTALLY NOT SEPERABLE from it all AND ARE ENMESHED...ARE WE NOT??....or better yet MIXED IN IT sugar in coffee. Where are ALL ------>>>>>>ALL---------->>>>>ALL our dead friends?? RIGHT? RIGHT! Find them...OR BETTER YET LET THEM FIND US....calling all minds (all over the universe(s)) including the "mind of God"....THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED! Right? RIGHT!

SIDE NOTE TO THE ABOVE: If we aren't being dragged along, THEN IS THE UNIVERSE SICKER THAN SICK? Even being dragged along is sick but at the VERY LEAST understandable. Ah, but some will come out and say, "the world or God cannot be understood" and I will say then WHAT THE HELL ARE WE ALL DOING?????????????? ARE WE SICKER THAN SICK??????? Let me look around (not in the mirror, I know where I stand as if I "own" me and everything that I am)

The second possiblility is that the brain can actually "pull" information without it having come acrossed it as we normally would do (like reading a book for example). Therefore, this WOULD NOT mean that the individuals who are dead are in existence somehow giving information but rather some sort of "trick of the brain" that allows it to "see" this information that normally would not have been available. Why would the brain be able to do this?? Possibly some sort of EVOLUTIONARY reason...again, I can bet that if this is so, it has little or nothing to do with us as a species or as individuals...MUCH MORE LIKELY TO BE REALTED TO WHATEVER WE, INLCUDING THE WHOLE WORLD WIDE THING AND WHERE IT IS GOING, if anywhere...the proof has long been in the pudding!

The third possibnility is that somehow there is indeed fraud involved, however it doesn't appear as such.

My belief, again (read: skip if you already got the point) is that we (our thoughts, actions, feelings, etc, etc, etc) are being "created/fed" [however it all works] and dragged along for whatever reason, if any, by the universe doing whatever it is that it is doing....don't be so quick to doubt this..."our" bodies and all were created and were/are being moved without "our" will (at least most of it and I, again, believe ALL of it...cells changing, heart beating, chemical reactions, etc, etc...sure we take in food, etc to keep these things going...THIS DOES NOT MEAN FREE WILL!!!...of course not) will being some sort of by-product of a sensation or feeling of control....created for whatever reason (to keep us going like idiots???), if any...anyway, REGARDLESS OF FREE WILL, I can bet EVERYTHING isn't for the GOOD of you or I. Bet on it...take it to the bank and cash it! You'll be richer than Bill Gates!

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