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Correction: The professor is actually German, not British.

Someone in the comments thread of the news story suggests that he may be getting sufficient nutrients from the fruit juice he consumes. Sounds doubtful. How long can you go without solid food and not lose weight?

Juice is at most 100 calories a cup, so he'd have to be drinking 20 odd glasses a day to maintain his weight, more if he's playing tennis and doing other sporty things too.

As we students of mediumship know, claims are worthless unless tested. There may be something in all this and this guy might be like the Helen Duncan of food-free existence, while Prahlad Jani who I linked to here before, might be like the D.D. Home.

Hard to say, these things are tricky to test, as they require constant supervision of these people for upwards of 10 days to really prove anything. I think Mr. Jani's display is convincing, though, and there are many many accounts of yogis and Buddhist hermits who go without food for months/years.

This one's easy, just lock him in a well-ventilated outdoor glass room and observe.

However, I'm pretty skeptical about such claims due to certain preconceived notions about human biology, I was always taught that food is to the body what gasoline is to the internal-combustion engine.

This would lend a whole new meaning to "light" foods.

Thanks for posting that Darryn. I was going to post the same article. Is this possible? Hey, if he's open to testing...

Just like the Jani.

I thought physical mediumship was a crock when I first heard about it. But then I did some reading.

I haven't read enough about Breatharians to to form an opinion.

I would think a better idea is to have a miniature camera mounted on him.. somewhere not too intrusive that has a clear shot of his mouth...

or get him to provide a valid sample of his urine or stool or blood test daily to check for food intake...

There may be something to this...

in one of my earlier companies I had worked in, I had a colleague who looked perfectly healthy and didn't take the usual lunch and snack breaks and on querying he said that he eats only in the evenings and that too a bit of white rice mixed with yoghurt....

I have no reason to disbeleive his claim...

Also I remember viewing a copy of letter Randi had sent to a breatharian who wanted to claim the hyped award...

Randi dismissed the claim away as frivolous..

you can see why Randi chose this tactic... a bit difficult to debunk as its easy to test...

There is a story of woman yogi who went 56 years without food or water in India. And she claims to never have had a sick day in her life. There is a picture of her in the book; needless to say she was rather slim, ok very thin.

This story is in the book "the autobiography of a yogi". This is a most interesting book about the life of Paramahansa Yogananda the founder of self-realization fellowship.

I spent six months with this “group” doing research at a local ashram and a couple of weeks with their monks at a California herb farm in silence. Interesting experience. I also spent a week at their beautiful ocean view retreat near San Diego at Encinitas right above a place called swami beach.

There is also another story in this book about a German woman that had gone 25 years without food and I forget if she drank water.

I recommend this book if you have interest in reading about a person that they claim was an enlightened Hindu master. They have 6-hour mediations; try that on for size with a fly buzzing around your eyes and nose.

Peta or not that was one fly on my kill list.

Here's some info on another fasting patient, Hira Ratan Manek, who was reportedly studied by one of the same doctors who studied Jani.

If this info is accurate, it certainly calls into question this doctor's professionalism and seriousness.

The doctor, Sudhir Shah, is not mentioned in the BBC story on Jani. But other sources do list him as the lead researcher in the Jani tests.

I find it slightly disturbing that you wrote "catsup".

Since childhood, I have disliked that spelling. What';s wrong with "ketchup"? It is both phonetically and aurally more pleasant than the aforementioned "C" word.

Agree re: catsup. :) The word makes me think of vomit for some reason.

I sorta see what you mean Michael, but Mr. Manek's fast (which involved daily consumption of water) apparently lasted 411 days! I can't conceive how you can keep anyone under careful observation for anywhere near that time, and I think Dr. Shah shouldn't have bothered really. Seems he couldn't anticipate the inevitable (and just) critical responses. Much better to go for a shorter period with better control.

And it appears that it's a different Dr. Shah (K.K. Shah) who belongs to the organisation that works to "promote scientific research and medical education based on principles of Jainism". K.K Shah seems not to have been involved with the Jani study.

I don't think anyone ought to go believing in this kind of thing based on one study anyway, no matter how glowing the evaluation. Now if only governments were kind enough to fund research into this kind of thing we could surely get Mr. Jani or others over to Europe or the USA where the study could be confirmed!

Maybe Jani is a spirit who got stuck here during some materialization seance! Thus, no food needed.

I have Autobiography of a Yogi. Good book. And there may be many things we have yet to explain with our western science. Breatharians may be one of those.

It appears that the veil is pulled very tight and the universe has only begun to reveal its mysteries.

As a side note an email friend of mine asked CSI about this qigong master mentioned on this blog by drew hempel. ( CSI’s response was that he was hiding a battery on or in him to give these electrical shocks and James randi could do the same thing and he needs to be checked by scientists.

Which meant CSI did not take time to view the second video of three scientists that checked him out for a battery and were unable to determine the source with a voltmeter of his ability to give an electrical shock.

Why view the second video if you already know the answer and CSI claims to understand the scientific method. Ignorance is bliss or is it?

Also his “chi” did not show up on a voltmeter.

This was an interesting story with an interesting ending. Did anyone else view these videos?

Michael What's your opinion on Wwe Superstar Chris Benoit in a double mass suicide killing his son and wife then hanging himself.

Why do we waste time on such self-deluded lunatics who are in so much denial about what they "eat" or "don't"? Such oral obsessions are usually associated with very low-level spirits lurking around the Earth-plane. They seem to get their jollies from deluding/terrorising people into ridiculous obsessions.

>Michael What's your opinion on Wwe Superstar Chris Benoit in a double mass suicide killing his son and wife then hanging himself.

I'm against it.

One of the more famous Catholic saints supposedly went without food and drink for many years. I can't recall her name, although I believe she was a nun and lived in a convent.

There's stuff in Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe about people who don't eat or drink. I seem to recall him mentioning some nun who did it. Personally I find eating and drinking to be one of the more pleasant experiences of the Physical Universe so I plan on doing it as long as possible.

Michael -- I agree with you that 99% of Westerners who claim to be "breatharians" are mostly a fringe element of the charismatics.

Michael I can assure you that I went 8 days with only half a glass of water and I was never hungry, my energy increased, I needed only 5 hours of sleep and I healed people with very strong electromagnetic fields shooting out of my body, including the center of my brain.

Michael I encourage you to watch the videos of Master John Chang at as was already posted on this thread.

The key for breatharianism is resonating with formless awareness based on harmonics of the body. For example, I'll be completely honest with you. I'm sitting in full-lotus right now. I look at the eyes of the female next to me. She begins bouncing her crossed legs. Why? Because light shoots out of my eyes, from my pineal gland, and activates her yin energy.

Her right brain is now activated and she sends yin energy to me, while receiving my yang energy. In turn my pericardium is activated -- the bottom of my torso -- and I have an internal orgasm so that energy shoots up my back.

We're both happier. That's a free energy exchange and now I sit in full-lotus longer.

See Michael people have been trained to think the full-lotus is religious -- in fact it's sublimated sex energy.

Now Michael -- the secret is that the Earth is Yin Energy -- and by sucking up the Earth's energy through the pericardium the same process can occur. In fact not only is the Earth yin but "formless awareness" is yin energy as well.

Most people can't sit in full-lotus so they can resonate the 12 harmonic notes along the outside of the body. Yin is 3/4 the Perfect 4th in music and Yang is 2/3 the Perfect 5th in Music -- from the Pythagorean Tetrad. The secret is that the resonance is asymmetrical with C to G as 2/3 and G to C as 3/4 which violates the commutative principle (A X B = B X A).

All of western science is based on symmetry. I just submitted "the secret of the Greek miracle: A Harmonic analysis of Archytas' Doubling of the Cube" to the MAA Monthly, the most widely read math journal in the world, based on the recommendation of math professor Joe Mazur. He says I discovered "very valuable" information -- and it's also the secret of breatharianism.

Read the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" trans. by Charles Luk for the details of the 12 harmonics along the outside of the body. You can just sit straight in a chair to practice. The same practice was in India as well, detailed in Mircea Eliade's book on yoga.

All the best Michael

Michael I forgot to mention something I thought of last night, before I read this post. The Bushmen culture represents 90% of human history -- documented to go back to 80,000 years ago. The Bushmen all practice breatharianism -- 90% of the males at least. It's a hunting culture (it was). Everytime the men go hunting they fast for almost a week -- just by drinking huge amounts of water before the hunt.

Then the night after the hunt the Bushmen dance for 10 hours straight and go through the exact same alchemy process as in yoga and qigong. The belly gets super hot and the electrochemicals are ionized, by ultrasound, to create electromagnetic fields which turn into spirit-light healing powers.

Drew where did you get such claims from?

This is easy to debunk.

The lung exhales water vapor and carbon dioxide; it extracts oxygen which is crucial to metabolize the hydrocarbons and carboxilates stored in our bodies. "Every breath you take", the body loses water. It must be replaced. Same for the carbon atoms in the carbon dioxide. Must be replaced.

Further, the body excretes copious amounts of amino-acid metabolite: urea through the kidneys. That nitrogen must be replaced. It "comes in" not through the lungs (though nitrogen does enter the blood stream and perfuses all cells - but is inert in its N2 form), but through ingested amino acids, or their agglomerates: protein.

So, the question becomes, how much carbon is the good professor ingesting, and how much nitrogen. If it is sufficient to balance his excretions/exhalations, well then... who cares if his "non-food" is really just homogenized food? "Food on the lam". However, if his extreme alternate diet is insufficient in amino/protein and lipidic/carbox metabolizable compounds to balance his outflow ... then he is a fraud, and is cheating when the cameras are asleep.

So, Prof... what is your real monthly (not Sunday) regimin? How MANY cups of juice? What KIND of juice? HOW prepared? How much water? How much exercise?


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