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I think that the Internet will put the final touches on csicop's thirty-year war. This war has been about as successful as the war on drugs, war on poverty, Vietnam War, and the Iraq war.
A person put my series of dreams (visions/visitations?) on his website and I have received emails from all over the world. Information sharing took a profound increase with the introduction of the Internet.
These paranormal phenomena have always occurred but they were shared with a small number of people, the Internet changed that.
I doubt if I will lose any sleep over ciscop losing this war.

This resonates with me...

The most common answer is to experience or be a part of some phenomenon that cannot be explained by modern scientific, philosophic, or religious teachings. One type of person shrugs it off, sweeps in under the rug, and forgets about it. The other, who eventually becomes a member, tries to find some answers.

I am glad that I was the second type..

Satya here is a quote from one of my favorite authors: "most of us want to believe rather than inquire, to be disciples rather than investigators". (Gunnels) from his book entitled "the evolution of the soul" with a subtitle "a theory that: all of creation is relative".

At what point if ever do we become disciples and submit to a path; or can we submit to a path and continue to investigate.

My observations have been that once we become “believers” it becomes very difficult for someone to continue being investigator’s, because it appears that we filter new incoming information if it does not fit our beliefs.

One of my research interests has been how beliefs can overwhelm our rational minds. We see this phenomenon in the religious, atheists, and skeptics alike and this phenomenon is almost impossible to observe in ourselves.

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