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Loving it so far!

Marcel's an excellent interviewer and Michael such a learned fella

Thanks Michael, you were quite gracious with your knowledge and time.

Thanks, Darryn and Matthew for your IM's.

Thanks William for your call.

I had fun. I hope Victor Zammit or David Thompson will come out of the dark for an interview with me. Who knows!

Thanks, Marcel. I appreciated the opportunity, and I enjoyed the experience.

I hope you do get to talk to David Thompson and Victor Zammit.

Great interview Michael you might want to check this out
Extract from psychic science.

>Loving it so far!

Thank you, Darryn. I had wanted to mention your idea about tying up DT with colored ropes (giving appropriate credit), but there was no time.

Interesting material, but I must admit the humor was even more entertaining!

Good job on the interview. Guess I talked a bit too long. prof and all.
You made some good points on the Thompson’s séances. Much more control is needed.

Why is it that these people that attend these séances do not take control.
Want it to be true so bad.
Maybe he is treated as some kind of god.

Gray tape him to the chair and his wife.
I would want her in the room taped down and her mouth taped.

Think I will send victor a roll of duct tape maybe they don’t have duct tape in aussie land.
Neat show.
Very off the cuff radio but kind of neat.

Nice show, Michael and Marcel! Michael you sound nothing like I imagined, ha.

Great show, really enjoyed humor
( William, we have duct tape & some Aussies know how to use it! )

Michael you sound nothing like I imagined, ha.

Exactly my comment to Michael last night.

To me you sound like a (smart) retired professional athlete or a (smart) hero in an action movie.

To me, he sounded a bit star struck to be on my show. I'm kind of used to it. :-)

it's nice to hear the voices of people who posted on this blog. no one sounds like a crazy person- that's always a good thing :)

maybe we should move a step further and set up a convention on a cruise or in las vegas and charge a bundle to attend it like those Randi's folks. we can call ourselves 'the not-so-skeptic yet not-so-gullible swingers.'

although we do need more female readers here so our Yoda can do something about his single status.


Vegas? Who's up for a PK craps experiment?

"Mr. Wynn, I have no idea how I won all that'd like me to follow your men where?"


You stated that if DT was tested in a controlled room by a scientist (like Chalmers), "this man will be done. He
will be done in ten seconds!"

Huh? Doesn't sound like you are an unbiased in the matter whatsoever. You have no idea what would happen under those circumstances.
You're assuming. That's not science.

Glad to hear Michael say that he doesn't know what is going on because he is not there.
Nobody knows.

Then, Marcel, you went onto demand fingerprinting? As far as I know, there are not full materializations occurring in DT's seances. I think hands have appeared. Controlled conditions are fine but I think you might be asking for a bit too much when it comes to fingerprinting in this case. Now, if fully formed people allegedly come through and they're in the room for a while, then fingerprinting would be a valid request.

As far as I know, it's (allegedly) the voice of Armstrong and William. Legit voice technology would be nice. MP has mentioned that before. It has yet to be done.

Hey, I'm not saying that any of the voices are legit. I am not in the room and a recording tells me nothing. There's no way for me to tell.

So, because others have trouble getting funded, DT should feel bad or not share what is (allegedly) going on in his seances? How does that relate to the evidence, Marcel?

I'm meeting with VZ tomorrow. Should be interesting.

Marcel, Michael, I love you both, you were great! I should have phoned in or something, maybe next time, hahaha.

I love the true critical thinking going on here, this is the way Skepticism should truely be. These are truely needed critiques and questions that any reasonable person should ask and pry into in order to get to the bottom of things. Great job.

I hadn't heard before that David Thompson's former associate had been caught red-handed cheating. That was quite interesting to find out.

I would like to know who turned on the lights when CF was busted with the trumpet. Was the light switch within arms length?

Supposedly, one of the things in the DT seance that seems to prove parnormality is the speed that the trumpet moves around the room. Granted, the medium can move the trumpet and make it appear to be levitating. But if the trumpet is moving around in a circle with a large circumference, it would be hard to imagine the medium moving around that quickly in the dark. The people at the DT seance say that the speed is so fast that it appears to the eye to make a circle of light.

I am not sure exactly how the trumpet moves in the DT seance since I am not there. I will ask VZ about that.


In the clip I played of Jane meeting Louis Armstrong, and by Mr. Zammit's own account, etherians are present in the room and able to "shake hands." The guest sitter, Jane, in a post séance interview states that the hand was "real", not a rubber glove.

Scientifically, a real hand that can shake hands with another human, must at some level also carry some human like qualities (i.e. flesh, muscles, bones, tendons, etc. These are not floating hands.

And again, for the record, I have no beef at all with Mr. Zammit. I have stated before that I respect his right to an opinion, but his opinion (nor mine) constiture real science.

Until a panel of accredited, respected and independent scientists can have access to Mr. Thompson, there is no reason even to take these claims seriously.

In the 5 or so years that David Thompson has been doing this, he has been ignored completely by researcher or scientist connected to the scientific pursuit of consciousness survival.

I saw on Mr. Zammit's site that he,"went to Las Vegas a couple of days ago and met up with one of the most highly credible physicists on this planet earth." Wow. The whole planet! Who is this famous physicist? Is it Stephen Hawking or maybe a physicist listed in this Onion article?

So, do I think David Thompson isn't capable of materializing etherians from cheese cloth coming out of his mouth? My answer is an unequivocal, unwavering, full-on, loud and clear - "YES!"

David Thompson may be a good mental medium, spiritual therapist, vocal impersonator, karaoke singer, witty entertainer or whatever, but I am 100% sure he does not exude "ectoplasm" from the orifices of his body, and that that "ectoplasm" becomes materialized discarnates.

No matter what you think of me or anything I said, you can't negate the fact that the "real" scientific method is being used in these experiments in Sydney.

When David Thompson is honest enough to submit himself to authentic testing, then you can talk to me about "evidence". Until then, this is only a game that Mr. Thompson is controlling and enjoying.

Anyway, if Mr. Zammit want to come on the show and discuss any point either Michael or I made which they find offensive, incorrect or erroneous, they have my full promise for equal time on air.

Oooops.. so many typos in my previous post. Must remember to proof.

Here's one I need to correct, though...

No matter what you think of me or anything I said, you can't negate the fact that the "real" scientific method IS NOT being used in these experiments in Sydney.

Last thought for the day...

Joe, I have been in 2 dark circle séances where the trumpet was moving at what really fast speeds. In the second séance, a curtain became accidentally attached to someone moving in the room and was drawn enough to let in the light from a street lamp just outside the window.

The light revealed to me a man holding up the trumpet on a large stick and swirling it around the room. That part wasn't the part that bothered me. The part that bothered me was that this man, the minister at the Spiritualist Church, was my mentor - an amazing and gifted mental medium who influenced and shaped my life.

After that night, I didn't return to the church for 2 years. That's how devastated I was seeing the trick being played. To this day, I have no idea why he did it, but even thinking about it now, it still stings.

I guess confronting David Thompson now is a way for me to deal with this sting that happened two decades ago. I know that when the light is finally let into the David Thompson séance room, there are going to be many people who will feel the sting of disappointment. I want those people to know that I was there. I also want them to know that survival of consciousness is greater than any one person's trick. I want them to know that belief in something bigger than any one of us can be an enlightening awakening. Yet, I also want them to know that blind faith can just as easily be a razor blade in the heart if you surrender yourself to the wrong god.

>But if the trumpet is moving around in a circle with a large circumference, it would be hard to imagine the medium moving around that quickly in the dark.

In The Psychic Mafia, crooked medium M. Lamar Keene explains that he used an extendable trumpet (a painted cylinder). By extending it to a length of four feet or more, with the painted end away from him, he was able to create the impression that the trumpet was flying high in the air. Very small movements of his arm would create the illusion that the trumpet was moving at high speed and covering wide distances. If an extendible trummpet is not available, a foldable "reaching rod" inserted in the trumpet can probably produce the same effect.

Really, The Psychic Mafia is your best source of info on such tricks. The book is available (used) at Amazon.

I posted my comment at the same time Marcel did. We both made the same point about the reaching rod. It's a very common trick. Most of these tricks are so ingenious in their simplicity.

Good info. on the trumpet trick. I'll have to get that book. I worked on a tv show last night where one of the dinner guests (its a chef/cooking/restaurant show) was a magician. He was in "The Prestige" and was a consultant on that film and "The Illusionist." If I start my own circle and I'm successful at producing phenomena, I may have to ask him to try to replicate the phenomena using his conjuring skills. I find it hard that magicians could replicate some of the Scole phenomena.

Marcel, I'm sorry but you do not KNOW what is going on with DT. 100% sure? That really shows that you are unable to be unbiased with regard to DT. I understand where you are coming from but you really need to stay somewhere in close to middle ground when deciding on the truth about DT. Unless, that is, you have been to one of his seances.

I know that hands have materialized and shook hands but it's not the same as some of the other physical mediums (such as Minnie Harrison) and their (alleged) ability to materialize the full spirit body into the room for lengthy periods of time.

As I have said, I do not know what is going on in DT's seances. It may be all tricks. If no scientists are ever allowed into his seances, I'll be disappointed since there are so few physical mediums out in the open nowadays. Maybe all are fake? Maybe all are legit?

And, Michael, are you saying that Monty Keen was lax enough to not search for any rods or any other contraptions that DT would need to produce the tricks you are talking about? I mean, if that's what you think is happening, then Keen must have not done a good job of searching the room, the medium and others in the room.

>And, Michael, are you saying that Monty Keen was lax enough to not search for any rods or any other contraptions

I'm afraid he was lax enough to allow Bianca Thompson, the medium's wife, to secure David Thompson to his chair. And to allow Bianca to remain in the seance room, with no one controlling her.

Indeed, without truly iron-clad counter-fraud measures in place these guys are just going around in circles, no real progress is being made.

>>Marcel, I'm sorry but you do not KNOW what is going on with DT. 100% sure? That really shows that you are unable to be unbiased with regard to DT. I understand where you are coming from but you really need to stay somewhere in close to middle ground when deciding on the truth about DT. Unless, that is, you have been to one of his seances.<<

But why should he or anybody else give DT the benefit of the doubt at this stage, especially since he's a close associate of a confirmed cheater AND since he famously refuses to submit to any type of impartial scrutiny that could potentially expose him as a fraud?

Doesn't all that seem highly suspect to you?
It sure does to me and I believe to most others here, even tho they may appear diplomatic and cautiously neutral about it.

So yeah, I'm with Marcel, call me biased but I consider DT guilty of fraud until proven innocent, and he has nobody but himself to blame for that.

Markus is right. David Thompson has given us no reason to trust him and every reason to doubt him, most of all his close professional association with a proven phoney.

Time to clean house and tell it like it is. If Thompson wants to rehabilitate his reputation by eschewing his relationship with Colin Fry and inviting some openminded but not gullible investigators to his mediumship circle, then I'm willing to consider the possibility that these phenomena are real. But I won't be holding my breath, and I will state that Thompson's seances are a very dubious proposition.

I think Marcel is right, many mediums and "psychics" are willing to resort to trickery and fraud to make themselves look better, even when they might have some real ability sometimes. That makes the entire field look phoney, and we have to be willing to call out the people who are creating this bad reputation.

Have any of you listened to the interview with DT on The Underworld Show? Nice to hear directly from the man. The best story he tells is of the child that came through for a Mom and Dad. As DT tells the story: The Dad was a strong skeptic before the seance but was in tears afterwards. He thanked DT for showing him that his daughter was not dead. DT says that THIS is why his work is important. Anecdotal? Yes. But still a good story that he told in that interview.

Listen here:

I met Victor Zammit and his wife today. Very nice people. VZ gave me a copy of his book and we (my wife and I) talked for two hours. It was great. I still don't know what is going on in the DT seances. VZ believes 100% that no fraud is occurring. His wife too. She had a great evidential reading (during a DT seance) from a deceased person that she knew. It featured a hand caressing her cheek. She said the voice matched this person's voice and told her things that only this person could have known.

I believe that DT is planning a US visit sometime next year. I am interested in attending these seances with my wife to see if any of our deceased friends come through.
That is what I need to really form an educated opinion on DT's mental mediumship abilities. The physical stuff will be harder to judge.

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