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There are many theories that made a relationship between NDE, GOD and Quantum Physics, i don`t know if someone already posted this links, but there are many interesting thoughts.
a very good page in my opinion.

I don't know why but I tend to get the feeling that probability is our inability to take into account ALL factors/positions/variables and KNOW the outcome. In other words, it is with our current limits that we see the quantum world as probabilities. In reality, I believe there is indeed an actual VERY PREDICTABLE order to it all (extremely predictable even)...perhaps arising from the REAL (source) reality...along the lines I guess of neutral monism. The quantum world serving as kind of like a buffer/barrier between "here and there" so to speak. Just a feeling, since this obviously cannot be proven in any which way shape or form. I am along the lines that EVERYTHING is controlled and not by us...if anything, an extremely small amount of free will exists and the rest (EVERYTHING, including us)) being controlled by an underlying order of some sort. Strange to think this way but it just seems to me we are not the masters in this place although it puts up a good illusion of us being so. Far, far, far TOO MANY factors/variables that we do not control...that it just seems to me to "seal the deal," so to speak, that we do not control really much of anything if anything at all.

I, too, frequent and can attest that it is very good.

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