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I didn't think it was that bad. It's about the only program I looked forward to watching, even though I didn't find it quite as exciting as prior years. Of course, there's always Wheel of Fortune to keep me entertained. After Vanna retires, I'll probably lose interest in that as well.

Of course guys, 24 is still playing in Australia... so lets now blow the end now :-)

Yeah, that wasn't the greatest season. Without blowing the ending, part of me was sorta hoping that Jack would take the opportunity he was presented with at the very end.

24 was good up until the third season. The fourth season was good entertainment, I guess, but it was way too much action packed into one season and way too far off the credibility scale (yes, even more so than the previous seasons) to be really worthwhile watching. I haven't seen any more of it since season 4 and I doubt I will.

The best season was probably the first or the second, I think. But that may be because of nostalgia, of course.

This was definitely not their best season...still, I need to get my weekly dose of Jack Bauer.

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