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Hi Michael,

Though I haven't read it cover to cover, I have read a great deal of it. It's insightful and inspiring at times, though its language is quirky and often obtuse. The story of how it came to be written—as information channeled to someone who sorely needed it—is fascinating.

I'm impressed by how many fine writers have been deeply influenced by The Course. One in particular—Paul Ferrini—is one of my very favorite authors. He covers similar ground, but in language that is breathtakingly lucid and poetic.

I'd recommend Ferrini above The Course.


I have been curious about the course as well, so I don't have an answer to your questions. But I'd like to recommend Creating Miracles, A Guide to Divine Interventions by Carolyn Godchild Miller. She is a therapist who bases her practice on the Course. I found the book interesting and strangely moving. It certainly left me with a positive impression of the Course.

The link to the book on Amazon is:

I spent three years in a Course in Miracles weekly study group and read the Course twice cover to cover. Very deep and very intellectual and I recommend it as a read but not to be taken as ultimate in knowledge. The Course has a heavy emphasis on human ego and little emphasis on need for ego to experience life as an individual entity.

The medium was a psychologist and had a very heavy emphasis on ego-centered neurotic behavior in her practice. Not sure but this book may have been Helen’s subconscious revealing itself. Not the best out there but a worthwhile read.

I personally prefer “the open door” by George Wright and “the spirits book” by Kardec as examples of spirits revealing divine knowledge through a medium.

Very suspicious that Jesus is the author of this book. Helen claims that Jesus even went with her when she shopped for shoes. I would think that Jesus would have more important things to do than help someone shop for shoes. Also Helen wrote some short articles and they sounded much like the content in the Course.

Advice: Readers beware.

>Helen claims that Jesus even went with her when she shopped for shoes.

I'm assuming she bought sandals.

Thanks for all three comments. They tend to confirm my impression that there are better options. I'll look into the books you've recommended. Actually, I have Kardec's The Spirits Book already, and have read parts of it - very interesting.

My doubts about the Course stem, in part, from knowing someone a few years ago who had imbibed it deeply. In her case, the Course seemed to have produced a rather odd mindset that did not relate to the real world very effectively. Of course, this was only one example, but I found it unsettling.

I have found several examples of people who have taken to the course. It is almost like they have become fundamentalists like the materialists and the religious. The last course in miracles study group I attended I walked out. It was like we know the truth don’t you wish you did. They were very egotistical exactly what the course warns us not to be. It appears to be if we become to use your word imbibed deeply in any system of beliefs we begin to filter all new incoming information that differs from our own view of reality.

By the way the sandals quip was a great insight. Why couldn’t I think of that when we discussed Helen’s shopping spree that night at the course in miracles study group. I really liked the facilitator of this group but now he only sees through the teachings of the course. We humans love to think we have found the truth and then our truth becomes thee truth.

I skipped over it and was not too impressed. I strongly recommend The Pathwork Guide Lectures (also channeled by a psychologist). see:
for a complete free collection.
I have had no formal Pathwork training but have read all the lectures. I would say it's the best material of its kind I have ever encountered.

I've also known a number of people who got into ACIM heavily and were very narcissistic and unbalanced

I've looked at ACIM a few times, and there is some interesting stuff in there. For example: "Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists" . But as a whole, I like other writings better, like Eckhart Tolle, John Wheeler, Felipe Oliviera, and some others. . .

I have read ACIM as part as my research on metaphysics and New Age "channeling". Channeling is basically a contemporary version of automatic writing mediumship in Spiritualism and Spiritism. Many channeled works are very spiritual and inspiring and I usually enjoy them all. Some of them, like ACIM, use concepts like “students” or “teachers” and because of that they may have the effect of creating a group following around a discarnate Master, who may have been a human or not, or around the channeling person or "prophet". This is not very different from the way several major religions started in ancient times, by the way. But specifically regarding ACIM one topic that I found interesting was its discussion of reincarnation, which at times it seems to disregard by suggesting that “the teacher” should not deal with that concept. If anyone is interested in another kind of channeling happening today that does not require any kind of affiliation, I would suggest to take a look at Kryon whose loving and inspiring messages has been channeled for more than a decade:

Dear Michael,

Please let me know who is your agent for spanish translation rights of your books.

Best regards,

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I view "channelling" as being akin to translation. I once thought only the gifted could accomplish it but have since learned that nearly anyone who wishes to may engage in some form of it.

All that's required (beyond a willingness to experiment) is entering a relaxed, mind-quiet condition, adding a bit of imagination, and entering into a mild trance -- then type away.

After some persistence you may grow less impressed with the various channelled teachers -- your own greater self has much to teach and is very close at hand.

Bill I.

Just a thought but...

The essential message in almost all these things is the same, whether it's the Course on Miracles, The Secret, Abraham-Hicks, Science of Mind, creative visualization, Wayne Dyer, even white magic. The are all saying that we have the power to influence or alter our world, to manifest into our lives what we want (or unconsciously what we don't want).

The differences are really methods of shifting your focus to allow the mind to do its work or allow the results in. In some it is a direct confrontation: you exert yourself to create. In others, it is a case of getting out of your own way. There is no one way -- there is simply what works for you right at this moment.

For me, it was Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention that started it. It wasn't so much the method as it was this big guy with a brusque sense of humor advocating these metaphysical comments. Since I'm a big guy with a brusque sense of humor, it gave me permission to believe that I would not have felt from a slight, robe-wrapped willow o wisp.

Later it was Abraham-Hicks, more so for their concrete suggestions on improving mood and expectations in ways that broke down the logjam of anxiety that was cutting me off from the good coming my way.

Since then it has been other things, but it has not been a case of constantly looking for new answers. It has been a case of getting the benefit from one approach for awhile, but that getting the benefit changed me and created new needs and new focuses. In other words, I have gotten results and the results changed me and my needs.

Familiarize yourself with as much of the literature as you can. Trust your instincts and do the things that feel right. Don't get locked into thinking that one method is the only way forward. There are lots of ways forward depending on who you are at the time.

Sorry to ramble, but I guess I am saying don't look into the differences between the methods. Look to the similarities behind them. That will give you the confidence to know that it is the resource you are drawing on that matters, not the way you are going about it.

Hi Michael,

You've already read The Power of Now, and PON is far more advanced that ACIM. Not saying ACIM isn't valuable, it is, and it has plenty to offer on its own. But I tried going backward and couldn't even though Tolle quotes from ACIM often.

Congrats on your latest book, Suedehead!

My opinion: The work book with daily exercises is very good while the main text is not very good. Another person with a different background and experiences might have a different opinion which is true for him.

Every time you read something you risk being "brainwashed". Changing your opinion based on what you read is not really brain washing. Brainwashing involves things like being subjected to sleep deprivation, and isolated from alternative sources of information.

The lessons say something like:, "these lessons are mandatory, when you learn them is up to you." I agree. They are not unique to the course and you will learn them eventually. They are simply the truth.

My further opinion is tainted by the fact that since I didn't like the text I didn't read much of it...

I think the title of the course is misleading. It should be titled a course in forgiveness. The actual title gives the impression that it is like silva mind control or something like that which it is not.

I think the terminology in the text is designed for people who have a Christian upbringing. Rather than teach them that Christianity is wrong, it teaches new meanings to words Christians are familiar with.

If vicarious atonement was true why would anyone need to take any spiritual course? Why would individuals need to learn forgiveness? The course itself implies that there is more to existence than simply being saved. This contradicts much of modern christian doctrine.

However if you do not have a christian upbringing a lot of the text is unnessary word play.

The ego is an obsticle to the development of the soul. To learn to forgive is one of the most important lessons of incarnating on earth. To learn to forgive forget your own sense of self importance, try to understand why the other person does what they do, or try to remember when you did something wrong.

What's missing from the course is the fact that if you forgive someone it does not mean you must continue to subject yourself to abuse from them.

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