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Since Costco sells over one billion roles of toilet paper per year at their stores I doubt if Crow will be asked to be a spokesperson for Costco. I am surprised she is not advocating everyone ride a bicycle instead of taking the car to work.

My personal pet peeve is Hollywood producers, directors, and stars that allow themselves to participate in smoking scenes that talk about how much they care about the well being of people and continue to produce movies that show stars smoking cigarettes and portray them as very mysterious and desirable people that unfortunately teens love to emulate. One can only imagine the number of teens that take up smoking from watching these movies and the health problems they will endure in the future.

That sounded like an Onion quote - she could not have been serious! If she was, uh, well then I just don't know what...

As for the celebrity issue, I don't understand why people are so uppity about it. Performance art and politics have been entangled for a very, very long time.

Of course that is just me, everyone has their own perspective on these things.

And she wonders why no one wants a 69* with her!

*[the number of her favourite Chinese chippy meal, of course - why, what did you think I meant?]

Rush Limbaugh - yes, that one - announced that he will fund her tour if she continues to advocate this.

I'll bet Rush needs more than one square per sitting ...

It was a joke which is entirely clear if you read the not-abbreviated text on

Thanks for the link. I read the HuffPo post and the comments, and frankly, I can't tell if it was supposed to be a joke or not. Most of the commenters took it seriously.

I know that Crow is now saying it was a joke, but she may just be trying to save face. Or maybe it really was just a dumb joke that didn't come across very well.

Hmm...assuming that Sheryl is a born American and that Americans are normally very sensitive about regions under the waist-level, I couldn't imagine the quote of her brother "how bout just washing the one square out" as serious advise. I don't know how big a square is in America, but in my country it barely covers a hand.
Detachable napkin for not using "virgin wood" also used for a "head cold" ? I am not a native speaker, but I thought the meaning were pretty clear.

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