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I just read a book called best evidence where the author claims that there is a guy making a living traveling around the country putting on seminars teaching people how to bend forks and spoons with their minds and has about an 80% success rate. This seems odd that psi researchers cannot find anyone to bend stuff and this guy makes a living showing people how to bend stuff. The mystery continues.

Oh yes, I used to cite PA often in my Randi fanboy days, usually to attack the credibility of psi researchers and make them seem ever more foolish.

It reminds me a bit of Randi's "critique" of Targ and Puthoff's Geller experiments at Stanford, which most don't know is based on questionable second-hand "insider" information that doesn't quite add up, yet it's widely proclaimed as "the facts."

Once I was in a park when I was accosted by a massive fire brathing pigeon which was wearing pin-striped drainpipes, winkle pickers a veltvet frock coat and a rather knackered looking top hat!

I'd like Randi to prove that that didn't happen.

Once I was in a park when I was accosted by a massive fire breathing pigeon which was wearing pin-striped drainpipes, winkle pickers a veltvet frock coat and a rather knackered looking top hat!

I'd like Randi to prove that that didn't happen.

Speaking of Randi, have you seen the news (see about the two cryptographers who solved the JREF Challenge, although they are not actually requesting the money:

Hi, I'm a professional liar telling you how I fooled THOSE people, but of course, I'm telling YOU the truth! :-)

Dear Mr. Prescott,
Thank you for a great post.
The UFO field is also filled with debunkers' falsehoods. This would be funny if not for the fact that peoples careers and reputations are damaged. I wrote a post on my blog "UFO media Matters" and called it:
"Debunkers Dumb Statment List". I only presented three but I could have written a book. Would you like to include Randi - there is a lot of material there for my list.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters

Thanks for posting more indepth information regarding this subject Michael. I've had many skeptics pull up Project Alpha almost every single time I've mentioned anything whatsoever to do with Paranormal Researcher in an attempt to make any Research I pull up look potentially fraud-ridden.

Travis = Me (Eteponge) by the way.

I've always wondered what motivates a "super-skeptic" like Randi. As a child was he forced to watch his parents death at the hands of an itinerant astrologer or something??? I can understand wanting to debunk a myth that one feels is harming others, but the vitriol, vehemence and dishonesty with which Randi pursues his goals is well, pretty amazing. Like, in a bad way.

Science and skepticism is about discovery and knowledge, not suppression of research. The popularity of these debunker/entertainers is eventually going to die.

Hahaha, I just read this. Michael Shermer was persuaded by Al Gore's film that global warming is catastrophic. The reason why this is funny is because most scientists (including those who believe that global warming is a problem) think the film is bunk. "Skeptic" my ass.

Michael Schermer position on global warming does not come as a surprise since he already represents the editorial position of Scientific American on psychic phenomena, why not represent the magazine position on global warming, too.

I've recently put on my site a video and instructions for bending spoons made by a reader of my site:

Somehow, Randi's official site put a link and a short notice about it on its weekly newsletter. They even took the time to edit the pictures to make fun of it all. Then several thousands of his followers took a look and left an impressive amount of totally childish comments.

Some of the commenters where actually going along the lines of "Have you heard of project Alpha".

Thanks to Michael I've now heard of it and can refer them all to this article.

Once again the "Amazing Randi" is shown for the fake he is and always has been. I often wonder who or what he knows because most of his stuff virges on, if not is, out and out fraud. I wonder what would happen if the two cryptographers who solved the JREF Challenge would decide to claim the prize?

glad to see mention of John Beloff's awesome parapsychology book. Maybe the best one out there. thanks, drew

Why question Randi's motives? That's ad hominem nonsense. Maybe he just wants to prevent bad magicians from abusing their knowledge of trickery by claiming true powers, and thus, swindeling the population at large of millions.
As far as Project Alpha goes, you can see and hear in YouTube one of the researches, Mark Shafer, telling the world that these kids apparently can perform miracles, and then he says "I don't think they're trying to trick us". Face it, magicians fooled so called "experts in the paranormal". How can you claim expertise on something that doesn't exist? The only real experts are those who know the tricks.

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