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I have been studying the phenomena of paradigm paralysis for almost 20 years now and to me at least it is a fascinating subject. It is almost impossible to see the paralysis in our own paradigms but other’s paradigm paralysis are much easier to see. The Iraq war is a classic example of paradigm paralysis in action as was Vietnam. It appears to be human phenomena inherit in all humans to some degree.

Remember the nanny that went to jail for shaking a baby very hard and it was caught on video; it turns out that the video camera only took a frame every few seconds and just playing with the baby looked like abuse. You can bet her lawyer was court appointed.

How is it that judges have such a good reputation and lawyers don’t? Judges are former lawyers with black robes on. Paradigms again; our perception becomes reality. The paralysis in the paradigms of the ultra skeptics and the ultra religious appear to be the easiest to see. If anyone has not seen the video “the business of paradigms” by Joel barker check it out from a local library it is worth the time and effort.

The belief in conspiracy theories as magical thinking. I'll have to give that some thought, but it sure does make sense.

Example: I've never understood the mindset of people who really believe there are superevil supergeniuses who remote-controlled four airplanes into the WTC, and also wired explosives into the building. Then they blamed all of it on Arabs, and completely vanished, without a trace.

Yep, it certainly does sound like childish magical thinking. But then, if people will believe in tunnels under daycare centers and human sacrifices, they'll believe in anything

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