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Shakespeare, Dostoevski...all amateurs compared to her!

Priceless, MP. Somewhere there's an English/Creative Writing program at a college looking at you right now as a potential department head.

Perhaps instead of making fun of Smith, we should be making fun of the people capitalizing on the sad, tawdry end of her life by selling and presenting her private journal. After all, she is not the one who called herself "a moody and complicated woman". That was written by some vulture hoping to profit from her corpse.

Anna Nicole Smith was famous for taking her clothes off, for marrying an elderly multi-millionaire, for her legal battles, the death of her son and finally her own death. Hardly admirable. However she did not invent the celebrity culture that gave her fame. You can even argue that her attempts to exploit it to her advantage were ham handed, pathetic and damaging to her life.

She was no innocent, of course. But what she was was an uneducated, pathetic person whose fame reflects a pathetic light on our culture. There are far more worthy targets in this ugly business than the grammar and syntax of the high school drop.

Okay, it was mean-spirited ...

But I have trouble feeling sympathy for a woman who married an octogenarian for his money and then sued all the way to the Supreme Court to make sure she got it.

Anyway, what mainly ticked me off was that Smith's illiterate ramblings garnered $600,000 and will undoubtedly become a bestselling book. This reflects rather badly on our culture, no?

I'll climb down off my high horse now...

I don't feel sorry for her (other than the death of her son), but let's beat her up for what she did while she was alive instead of what vultures are doing now that she's dead.

And yes, I can see how the $600,000.00 would piss off an actual write. We can only hope that a sudden outbreak of common sense prevents the book from being a best seller...

As much as I hate hearing about ANS, I did enjoy your post. Well done!

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