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I was very angry at Clinton a lot of the time in the '90s, and I was very angry at Reagan in the '80s (he wasn't libertarian enough for me back then). In retrospect, this anger was wasted energy that accomplished nothing except to make me feel bad."
Oh, it accomplished something. It caused you to experience duality and separation, which taught your soul what it means and how it feels to be a separate, unique, individual. The more emotional the experience, the more powerful and long lasting the memory it creates. We have to experience enough separation to last for eternity. We have to experience enough separation while we are alive to make sure our souls can maintain their separateness in heaven, where the feelings of oneness and connectedness are overwhelming due to it's holographic nature.

"I was unique yet I was the tiniest part of the whole." - excerpt from Mark Horton's NDE,

Until relatively recently, Tony Blair appearing as even a mere postage sized, badly printed image in a tabloid story, (even a story of little or no account)'d be sufficient to set me off violently wagging away my finger and looking for the first available ear I could find to funnel my many fulminations concerning him into; (and make no mistake, as I'm constantly reminded whenever he appears on the box, those reflexes remain fully intact); but what allowed me to ease up on ol' Tone in the end was when I found myself wondering one day just why it was he enraged me so.

After working my way through the various justifications I gave myself, though, (and where Tone's concerned the list is - righteously - very long indeed), I was forced to conclude what really riled me about him was he how much he reminded me, if I was in his situation, I'd be just as bad as him, if not far worse!

Whenever I get angry at a person, such as Bush, I always remind myself that although a person may be doing a bad job and screwing a lot of things up, they are not doing it on purpose.

(I realize there are some people that do it on purpose, but they are a minority.)

Also, I'm a teenager (16) and I wouldn't call myself overjoyed. Call it blowing things out of proportion, but the impending crises of climate change and oil depletion make me extremely worried and afraid.

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