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Some information relevant to your points above:

1) Peter Morris and Randi are arguing over whether Peter's claim is actually paranormal or not. The definition of "underground river" figures prominently. As Mr. Morris does not actually claim a paranormal ability, but is simply attempting to catch Mr. Randi in a semantic error, expect that application to be rejected. I have no inside information, that is just my opinion.

2) Mr. Randi has recently stated that he is in negotiations with Mr. Kolodzey in an effort to come up with a suitable method of testing him. In his case, it is difficult, because the true proof that Mr. Kolodzey's claims are untrue would require the JREF to starve him to death, which they are, understandably, reluctant to do.

Utterly wrong. This is not an argument about semantics, but about facts. I state that underground rivers exist. Randi says they do not, and that belief in them is a "delusion." There is no argument at all about the definition of "underground river," the debate is whether they exist at all.

As for it not being paranormal, that's perfectly true, but it doesn't matter. Plenty of people that Randi challenge say their claim isn't paranormal. Randi tells them to apply anyway, and as long as they prove their claim true, they will win.

So, Randi stated his own disbelief in my claim and directly dared me to prove it true. I have accepted the dare he issued.And the fact that it's not paranormal is Randi's problem, not mine. The fact is that he an utterly ill-informed fool who simply doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time. If he were worth listening to, he wouldn't have issued the challenge in the first place. But he did, and under the challenge rules, I am entitled to accept.

If he refuses to actually honour the dare that he issued, then it will prove him to be a coward as well.

(Thanks for the link, Michael)

Yes, Peter, we have argued this ad nauseum at the forum. You are still wrong in the way you describe the challenge, and your claim should be summarily dismissed as no more than rabid hyperbole. Mr. Randi is too busy arranging tests for people who are applying in earnest to bother with your misdirections and vitriol.

Actually, I've complied to the letter to conditions that Randi himself set. You have not actually answered that.

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