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I guess I should consider myself lucky. I got in on Matthew's blog just under the wire, and between a Michael Prescott sandwich nonetheless.

I wish you many happy adventures without your keyboard, Matthew. I am sure you will be able to find plenty of non-digital awe and wonder out there to keep you from falling into the reductionist black hole.

Stay in touch. Cheers.

Thanks for all your hard work Matthew! See you in the funny papers!

I'm sorry, I thought I would be able to leave the old pages up but that was not possible. I know this will be a PITA of broken links for you, Michael.

The spammers jumped on the old name immediately. You might be able to find the content on the internet wayback machine long term and for now most everything can be read via the google cache, I can't access wayback from work though. . .

Time for me to spend time unplugged with my wife, children, horses, dogs, cats, work, etc.

Did anyone happen to save the content of his blog? I can't access any of it at all now, not even with the google cache link he provided. I don't want all of this important information lost forever. I never even got a chance to read much of it either. =;.;=

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