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Thanks Michael. Sounds great, and fair. :)

Pleased to hear it because I wanted to pass along a specific comment to you. You have mentioned that the blog is nonremunerative. So it is. But I discovered your blog when it was linked to The Anomalist, explored it and liked what I read. Once I read your comment I did the only decent thing: I went out and bought a couple of your novels as a thank you for the blog.

Ah, Nirvanna!

Look, Michael, if you're going to lead this cult, you're going to have to LEAD!!! We need you.

We also need dark overcoats and black Nike's. A good cult has no room for a leader who flip flops like John Kerry. So I hope you're in now for good. :-)

Beam me up,
Your humble servant.

Michael, some blogs make money out of advertising, but I noticed you don't have any. Have you considered adding some ads?

It sometimes helps to figure out whether the person who disagrees with you wants to debate, or wants to have a dialogue. There are many posters on the net who think that forums and comment areas are for a debate. They want to score points, to win, and in my experience true dialogue seems to be impossible with them.

Others are here for a dialogue -- a sharing of ideas, perspective and information. In that model, while we may approach the issues from different perspeectives, we're genuinely interested in learning about what the other person has to say. It's those conversations which advance our knowledge, employ empathy rather than enmity, and leave a sense of having communicated, rather than having people talk at each other.

Michael, is there any way I could reach you personally via email? I want to ask you a question offline. Thanks.

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