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A couple of years ago I was in our kitchen washing dishes. Just sort of staring out the window, zoning out, while washing dishes. Not thinking of anything in particular. All of a sudden a voice "popped" into my head, a "not me" voice, and said "Bonnie's going to walk in here and say 'thanks for going with me.'" About a minute later my wife walked into the kitchen and said those exact same words. I had gone to town (45 minutes away) and attended a meeting with her. She could've thanked me anytime between the time we left till we got home, but instead she chose to thank me less than a minute after that voice inside my head said she would. I don't think it was telepathy because I heard an actual voice inside my head, a voice that wasn't the normal voice in my head. It really was strange. It had never happened before, and hasn't happened again since, but that one time in my life it happened. It was an amazing mystical experience. So, I accept and believe that woman's story for what it was. I remember reading a story about a boy who was told to get down in his car as his mother was approaching an intersection, they had a crash, and his sliding down had saved his life.

These voices are a lot more common than people think. I know a woman who suspected she was reading people's minds becaue she'd hear what they were thinking. Sometimes she'd says things before they said them, just to watch the expression on their faces.

It's happened to me, too, a few times. I have no explanation about any of it.

Okay, one more story then I promise I'll quit. I guess this would be classed as a synchronicity. A few years ago I was having quite a bit of dental work done. The dental tech who worked on my teeth and I were having a discussion and she asked me "are you afraid of a terrorist attack?" I replied to her, "Why worry?, God is in control." So, a few months later as I was driving back to the dentist I was going over that conversation in my head. Just when I got to the point where I was thinking "Why worry? God is in control," a silver car pulled in front of me and it had a bumper sticker on the back that said, "Why worry? God is in control!" It was so amazing, because right as I was thinking those words, a car with that exact same thought pulled in front of me. It drove down road in front of me for a couple of miles then turned off. I had never seen that bumper sticker before, and I haven't seen again since. What was so amazing about it was the timing. Right after I had that thought, it appeared. "Why worry? God is in control." I've had a few other "mystical experiences" but those two were the most profound, a voice telling me what my wife was fixing to say, and an amazing synchronicity.

Transpersonal psychology describes the interpenetration of all minds through the "mind field" as opposed to the current view that "conciousness and the feeling of identity are an epiphenomenon of brain function, nothing more".
In terms of describing and including anamolous phenomena in a view of how things are, the contemporary view of our established institutions falls way short in attempting to describe what is. For instance, to write off conciousness and all of it's ramifications as a "side effect" of brain function is not doing any good to understanding who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going.
We need to not carelessly throw out the baby with the bath water. Kudos to this author.

If you guys like, we can all do a conference call on Skype, and I would be glad to demonstrate and explain how I experience consciousness to consciousness communication. I will do a free reading for everyone on here as long as Michael Prescott participates. See, this is my ploy to get him to sample another medium other than Laurie Cambell. :-)

Most people erroneously assume that as a medium, I see grieving survivors. Ther truth is that less than 2% of my clients are grieving family members. Most people whom I see are either curious, skeptical or needing some kind of connection with the afterlife to give the "now" greater meaning and purpose. Not that it matters, but I have seen several psychologists, professors, engineers, producers, documentarians, writers, doctors and even a couple of Grammy winning pop stars. All I do is sit there and repeat what I am told by those communicating with me. To me, there's nothing paranormal about it.

Anyway, I encourage all to attempt communication with those on the other side. I am sure you will be presently surprised.

This is awesome! I tried to read that book but it was "lost" from the University of Minnesota biomedicine library -- shortly after it was in the computer listed as "on the shelf."

Looks like an awesome book. That's an amazing case study. I study tons of paranormal research and have never seen such a clear instance of spirit communication as this.

Still I have seen spirits going to visit a Chinese yoga master -- Chunyi Lin. I saw them but I had been practicing intensive qigong -- sitting in full-lotus and practicing the "small universe." I had even gone for a week without food and water!

Anyway so when I saw these yellow spirit orbs visiting Master Chunyi Lin I had already read of the same thing happening to the most famous Forest Monk Master of Thailand. That was a rare biography I had ordered through interlibrary loan -- it's the inspiration for all the monks of Thailand. You can get the title by reading my online article "The Rotten Root" on my qigong training for my masters degree.

So I knew that dead spirits come to hear Masters teach -- just like us "living" spirits go to see a master teach and get the energy.

Anyway I didn't say anything about these yellow orbs -- but then Master Chunyi Lin explained them to everyone else -- about 200 people -- because he said someone had asked him about them!

It was awesome. Too bad western culture states all this is "hallucinations" -- on the contrary you can't fake the full-lotus!

Master Chunyi Lin sat in full-lotus in a cave without food and water for a month in China.

Marcel, I'm on Skype almost all of the time, I would be very interested in everyone here holding a Skype Conferance together. I LOVE to talk about the Paranormal, Spirituality, and everything related.

Sorry, I haven't been posting much on this Blog much recently, it's when the Universal Conspiracy Theorists towards everything Spiritual and Paranormal Related (Blind-Sided James Randi Worshippers) invaded this Blog to defend their Pope and throw senseless insults that they think will somehow mind-bogglingly erase objective evidence from reality (the pesky little things called "Veridical Perception" and "Veridical Evidence" obtained during NDEs/OBEs/ADCs/DBVs that they, like Ostriches with their head in the sand, say doesn't prove or suggest in the slightest that we continue on, oh, especially people born blind gaining Veridical Perception during OBE, that certainly doesn't prove anything, *eye roll*), and when Michael Prescott said he wouldn't even read OUR (his positive fans) comments here anymore, I stopped posting, as what's the point if the Blogger himself will not read our (his positive readers and fans) good positive input here? The JREF Clowns ruined it for us, I guess.

>when Michael Prescott said he wouldn't even read OUR (his positive fans) comments here anymore, I stopped posting,

Sometimes curiosity gets the best of me and I do read the comments - like now! I think what I may do is change my policy and say I'll read the comments but will not get drawn into debates. The debates are just too time-consuming and pointless. I discussed this in detail in the comments thread on my "New Comments Policy" post. (Yes, I'm aware of the irony of posting comments about why I won't post comments.)

>If you guys like, we can all do a conference call on Skype,

I don't know what Skype is. I'll have to look it up and see if I can do it, whatever it is.

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things (a few years ago). While I was walking down the aisle, I suddenly heard my wife's voice inside of my head! The voice said "Get eggs! Get eggs!", which I did, although I thought we had plenty of them at home. When I got home, my wife said "By any chance did you hear me calling to you to pick up eggs?". I was staggered. She said that she had concentrated very hard on the words "Get eggs!" as she had suddenly decided to make a quiche!

I happened on this site as a referral from another. Anyhoo, I have an interesting story regarding synchronicity. I was riding thru town looking for a particular store when I saw a lady in a chevy racing up behind me. I happened to be at a stop light so she had to stop or slam into me. One the light turned green she sped around me only to be slowed down by another car. I vocalized the following words, "geez lady, you sure are in a damn hurry." Well at the very instance the words left my lips she whipped her head around and stared straight at me as if I had shouted those words into her ear at close range. Even though she couldn't possibly have heard me, I got the distinct feeling that she heard me loud and clear. It left me feeling quite amazed.

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