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Free penis enlargement cream - be the one she truly desires!

(That'll be $300,000 dollars, Mr. Prescott.)

So much for President McCain. Even conservatives are tired of his grandstanding. One myth about McCain is that he is some sort of moderate. His voting record is actually rather conservative, despite occasional maverick moves against his party.

Actually, I think ever member of Congress that continues to support the unconstitutional War in Iraq is failing to uphold the Constitution. Because the Constitution cleary states, no doubt about it, that the power to take the nation to war lies with the Congress and a Declaration of War is necessary. Yet they allow this undeclared war to drag on week after week, piling up on year after year. It is truly criminal and an indication of just how far we'ved strayed from being a Constitutional Republic.

I agree with you, John.

I think George Bush is hellbent to stay the course. He's the kind who's willing to throw himself off the cliff and take everyone else with him. I don't think the Republicans in Congress like him too much at this point - and two years from now, they'll hate him.


The thing is, this bill'll never work in achieving its objectives: all the openly or visibly paedophilic stuff is there to draw in the curious and, ultimately, create a breeding ground for potential recruits to the paedophile cause.

Your real hardcore, hardline paedophile views themself as a forward looking counter-culture hero, in a position similar to that of gays before they were finally accepted and, as such, conducts all interactions with other such hardcore paedophiles in ways far too stealthy to be impeded by this bill.

The only advantage I can derive from McCain's bill is that it might save a few kids from falling into the clutches of amateur paedophiles, and it'll certainly impede the rate at which the professional, ideologically-minded paedophiles are currently able to conduct their recruiting.

Pedophile recruiting? Hmm... sounds familiar.

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