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Addendum: Some skeptics, then and now, have said that the Fox sisters dislocated their knee joints, rather than their toe joints. The knee joint presumably would make a louder noise, but I doubt it would produce the "thunderous," sledge-hammer sounds reported by witnesses.

Also, I should point out that Arthur Conan Doyle is not an unimpeachable authority. He was overly credulous, and was taken in by some mediums who were later exposed as frauds. Even so, his book is well worth reading, and despite his biases, he does make a number of excellent points.

I share your doubt.

I can crack my toe joints and it sounds nothing like knocking.

Another point is that it requires very visible movement of the toes themselves, a good 2-3 inches through the toes' range of motion. Can't imagine that the girls were somehow able to do this without moving their feet at all.

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