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I would have commented at the other blog, but they don't have the "other" designation. Tell them to get it! Because writers, sadly, are usually not joiners. I don't want to sign in and log on to Blogger, I don't want to come up with another friggin' password and user name--

Oh, wait. The blog was about thanksfulness.

Never mind.

Nice job - MP - beautifully written, as usual. And I can relate. I loved the interconnectedness stuff at the end. But not enough to join Blogger to comment on it. :)

Either you're getting soft on us, or you just realize you better do double time on getting on Santa's "good boy" list. :-)

Wherever you spend your Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Prescott, I hope you don't get drunk and start a political debate at the table, and I especially hope you don't fall into a Turkey stupor, and then fall into the gravy boat. If you do, though, please post the picture on your blog.

Happy T-Day.

Happy Thanksgiving Michael! I am choosing to forget about the small pox blankets and such. Just take a symbolic day to really be thankful for what life has offered. No matter the view one holds. Cheers!

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