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"Although there is little doubt that Arthur Ford did sometimes engage in trickery, incidents like this one strongly suggest that he had legitimate psychic abilities."

Well, you do what you have to do to get the job done. When you've got an audience you have to do something, even if it's not exactly what they wanted. Everyone has some psychic abilities. Some folks are just better showmen than others. Everyone's brain works by transmitting and recieving information, and we do it in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. Some people are just better at accessing information from sources other than their own storehouse of knowledge. If I were David Thompson, Victor Zammit's psychic buddy, I wouldn't stand for being tied up. I'm sure he'd put on a much better show if he were left totally free. I just want to be entertained. I'm all ready a believer, holographic universe and all that. - Art

Bit late, but I second the previous poster's comments.

I went to see one of the UK's most highly regarded mediums, Gordon Smith, a month ago here in London.

He began with a long and frankly tedious introduction, but had the decency to be honest about it, saying: "You might be wondering why I'm going on so much. Truth is that on occasion the Spirit World are a little slow to come forward." Earned a well deserved chuckle from the audience.

Now imagine if you're in a situation before a crowd of a thousand people and you feel absolutely not a shred of anything. Do you say "sorry ladies and gentlemen but I'm not getting anything tonight so please go home farewell adieu" or do you grit your teeth and do whatever you can to give the audience a satisfactory evening? I don't doubt that most would opt for the latter.

I highly recommend the book “life after death” by Ralph Harlow. The reader might want to skip the chapter on the horse that can add and subtract. This chapter distracts from the sincerity of Harlow’s life long journey of seeking answers about the possibility of life after death. He has a very interesting chapter in this book on the medium Margery as he was a sitter at her séances for several years. Even the great Houdini could not prove Margery a fake.

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