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The best comment I can make here is that until you experience the connection between life and afterlife personally, there's not much that will convince you a 100% of its truth.

As I have said a dozen times, a medium is simply a bad translator in the absence of a better one. One day Microsoft, or some pair of Google Inc.-like upstarts are, going to develop a computer application to handle consciousness to consciousness communication. Who knows, there's probably already some guy over India testing a Beta version of it already.

Anyway, when that happens, mediums like John Edward and myself will be out of work and loitering around Grand Central Station mumbling to ourselves about the days when people used to value a good medium. Of course, John Edward will have millions in his wallet, and I'll just have a pocket full of lint.

John Edward has appeared on Larry King and similar programs doing random phone readings. I'd like to hear someone explain how hot, warm or cold reading could explain the hits in that situation. The only thing left is to suppose that Larry and his staff, the callers, and John were all "in on it" together to put it over on us. Which I find frankly ridiculous.

I've studied John Edward in the past using transcripts. This is an interesting story but did JE really say "He had three children"? I'll have to check my old notes to see what responses he's used when a guess about number of children went wrong.

As for his work on LKL, they're pretty unremarkable. So much so that in a discussion with a firm beliver in JE, she said she didn't take the LKL stuff seriously since it obviously isn't psi conducive.

John Edward is very charismatic. He is extroverted and outgoing and he smiles and he's somewhat handsome and he's interesting. A real showman. That being said - the question is - "do I think he's psychic?" I think everyone is a little bit psychic. That's just how our brains are designed. They work by picking up information from the collective unconscious. Memories aren't stored in the brain. There just isn't enough room. The microtubules in our brains collapse the quantum wave and take that information and turn it into something we recognize. We are all a little bit intuitive. John Edward just capitalizes on that connection and is able to entertain with it. Every once in a while we all get little "hits" in our lives, and recieve information which we really have no idea how we knew that or where it came from. It's just too bad we're not all as charismatic and entertaining as John Edward! I admit that I like watching him. I find his show highly entertaining. Do I think he's "real?" It depends on what you mean. Do I think he's able to do something that not everyone is capable of? No, but I do believe that he is able to recognize what's interesting and when he picks up on something from the collective unconscious. Read Pimm Van Lommel's article about NDE's

He makes several statements about consciousness not residing in the brain. Consciousness exists everwhere, and there are just a few people who know how to use that information to put on a really great show. - Artie

>did JE really say "He had three children"?

As I remember, he just rattled off several hits in a row, including that one. No fishing. Of course I can't say how the program was edited.

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