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MP, just out of curiosity, how many mediums have you been to? I mean you can analyze historical accounts of other medium's work all day long, but I think with your interest in the subject matter, you should get out there and do your own research.

In fact, I have offered you a free 2 hour reading, which you failed to respond to. I know of other mediums who would gladly offer you free readings if the aim was to do some sort of honest statistical or analytical research. Just remember that no reading or medium in the world is going to give you 100% hits. That's just impossible.

On a side note, knowing your interest in psychokenesis stories, I thought you and your readers might like to watch this documentary I found on the web containing an amazing amount of vintage footage of psychical research.

The documentary is from a UK production called, "Mind over Matter" and it features impressive footage of a Russian housewife, Nina Colagula. Also, at the beginning of the documentary is some home footage of an almost comical display of teleketic power by "Stan," a stone-faced teenager in the Netherlands. There are two part to the documentary. The second part is listed as a link below the video viewer. It's well worth the time to watch. Here is the link -->

P.S. I'll try to better proof and edit my postings in the future... I make more typos than an old, rusty typewriter.

>MP, just out of curiosity, how many mediums have you been to?

Only one. It was a telephone reading with Laurie Campbell. I tape-recorded the session and later rated her accuracy at 77%. However, several major items of information were flat wrong, and a good deal of the correct information was rather general. I was not able to draw any definite conclusions.

>you should get out there and do your own research.

I'm not sure that it would be very useful. Even if I came across a medium who delivered information that I felt could not have been obtained normally, I couldn't rule out ESP (i.e., the medium reading my mind).

>In fact, I have offered you a free 2 hour reading, which you failed to respond to.

Sorry if I didn't respond. I thought I replied by thanking you for the offer and saying I would keep it in mind. My reasons for not jumping on the opportunity, even though I do appreciate it, are 1) the ESP thing mentioned above, and 2) the fact that there is a fair amount of info on me available on the Web, which would make any reading problematic unless the medium did not know my identity. I'm not saying you would use this info; I'm just saying that, since you already know who I am, the conditions would be less than ideal.

To be honest, there is a third reason, too. I'm aware of the "dark side" of the paranormal. Some people who get too caught up in this subject have become emotionally unstable. I wrote about this here. There is something to be said for keeping one's distance from the phenomena.

Thanks very much for the link. I'll watch the video ASAP. I've heard of Nina Kulagina, who certainly seems to have been genuine - though some skeptics allege that she hid magnets in her bra to attract metal objects! I think the experimenters would have detected such an obvious trick.

Michael, the offer on the reading is good for 20 years (if you and I are lucky to live that long).

I have had to do readings before for "public" figures, and their spiritual friends and families make it a point to bring forward information that is not printed or recorded anywhere publically... I actually ask them to do this as well, as my reputation is also on the line.

About the ESP theory, I've heard it mentioned before as a possible explanation to the source of a medium's information. I believe that theory to be virtually impossible in my readings based on the nature of the information that is revealed.. and the process of how it's revealed.

In my 22 years doing readings, I have encountered the dark side of "spirit" only a handful of times. Just a couple of those times have been what one might call, "hairy." Fortunately, I know that I have bouncers on the other side who will help me toss out any "tossers" that sneak past the velvet ropes of my mind.

Hope you enjoyed that amazing documentary.

Everyone is a little bit psychic. It's just how our brains work. We are all connected to the collective unconscious in some inexplicable way. It takes an extroverted charismatic showman to be able to take this natural inborn ability that we all possess and turn it into something lucrative. Every once in a while in my own life I have little mystical experiences. Unfortuneately, I'm not charistmatic enough nor a good enough "talker" to make people believe I'm bigger than life. I still like watching John Edward on TV, even though I know he's really no different than you or I. He's just better at putting on a show. He really is entertaining, and that's what makes him so interesting. - Artie

I don't buy the kid at the beginning of the vid at all. Why's it necessary to move one's hands at all if this is a mental phenomena? It just invites suspicion.

Michael Prescott, I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the essay you wrote about the dangers of involvement with the paranormal. Any time anyone enters into an element with which they are not familiar, they are in danger. If a child is suddenly thrown into a pool, without first having become acquainted with the methods for staying afloat, it will of course drown, or at least be severely endangered. The collective designation "the beyond" is barely known to us here on earth. Based upon the amount of evil which is readily witnessed already here, it makes sense to assume that this beyond is also populated by spirits whose intentions are less than pure. The difference is that if we use our normal physical senses, we can recognize and avoid evil while on earth to a great extent. When we invite the inhabitants of the great murky beyond into our living rooms, without being able to see them, and lacking a complete and conscious connection to their environs and activities, we should expect mischief of the highest order. Unfortunately, because the damage done to the investigators is by and large on the level of the body which the spirits can have contact with (namely the etheric body), the effects are not always immediately noticeable in the physical. Your beautifully written warning is an important public service in this regard. Thanks.

I found this article and was quite intrigued, just having a spirit drawing done under the mediumship of rev. Hoyt Rabinette. What can you share with me about "spirit drawings"?

Sorry, I don't know anything about spirit drawings. However, if you Google the term "automatic writing," you may come across some relevant info.

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