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Hi, Michael...

Bravo on your refusal to take so-called skepticism (aka the extreme right wing of science) at face value, and for doing your homework on Serios.

You may enjoy an essay of mine, which lays bare the common strategies of the pseudoskeptics and has been widely reprinted and linked: "Zen... and the Art of Debunkery." You can find the latest version at

Best wishes,

Dan Drasin
Greenbrae, CA

Thanks, Dan. I look forward to reading your essay.

Hi, nice to hear a bit of discussion about Ted, I found his images long ago in a supernatural mag. Incredible where well known locations would be shown but things such as spelling would be different windows in different positions etc. I find the images visually interesting dream-like, what the hell inspired him to become a "thoughtographer". How did it all begin Michael.
Regards gerrard

Hi--was reading an old book that mentioned Serios, looked him up, and here I am. How refreshing to actually read something debunking the debunker. By no means do I believe every account of paranormal activity that I read, but I also find that the skeptics will cling to any shred of explanation and throw away just as many inconvenient facts as those who might be easily duped by charlatans. As Robert Frost wrote, and I paraphrase: "We dance 'round in a ring and suppose, but the truth sits in the middle and knows."

Hi Michael

You may want to speak to me if you are interested in knowing the truth about Ted Serios. I am a friend of both the late Dr. Eisenbud and Ted Serios. Infact, I interviewed both extensively for an independent documentary about Serios. You may also be interested in my colleague, Calvin Campbell's account in Skeptic Magazine - "Going to Meet the Man
With the Camera Brain:
The Curious Case of Ted Serios:

I can be reached at

Dennis Mohr

Dear Michael,
Thanks for making my day! I am so pleased not only that you read my book THE SPIRIT OF DR. BINDLOF: THE ENIGMA OF SEANCE PHENOMENA but that you so cogently defended Ted Serios and my dear late friend, Dr. Jule Eisenbud.
Jule was one of most genuine, kind, brilliant men I've ever known. He has been villified by skeptics, as you noted, whereas he should be honored for his honesty and courage in pursuing and publishing the truth.
Besides what you've printed re.Serios's thoughtographs I'd like to add that he wasn't the only person to put his mental pictures on film. The thought photos produced by Gilbert Roller (the most spectacular is the cover "portrait" of Dr. Bindelof) have much in common with Serios's productions.
Again thanks for your fine and honest comments.
Rosemarie Pilkington

I just read Dennis Mohr's "truth" about Ted Serios. He visited Ted long after the old man's powers were gone, did not impose any controls on what was going on and then implies that the drunken man, trying to regain some of his past glory is, and always has been, fraudulent.
He also interprets a dream that worries Serios in a disparaging manner to back up his claim. He has proved nothing except what everyone always knew about Serios's personality.
Before Jule Eisenbud died he told me that he feared that some of the professional skeptics would get Ted drunk and get some kind of false "confession" out of him. He was just about right.
Rosemarie Pilkington

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