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I think it basically boils down to this: what are the mistakes in the universe / life? What did God "screw up"? Eventually it is seen that the answer is "none". And also seeing that I am not "Matthew Cromer" but rather the One Consciousness watching the story of "Matthew Cromer" and all the other stories.

When it is seen that there is not really a "self" as it is generally understood, then the rest of it is all seen pretty clearly as being a beautiful story, told by Consciousness to Consciousness.

This is not to say that "Matthew Cromer" lives in this place of seeing all the time. . .

I should also mention that each stage of consciousness also "includes" those "beneath" it. Especially true at the Unity stage, which no longer feels the need to "reject" those below it. This even applies to more base levels of consciousness.

Michael you make me laugh because this post supports Matthew and I.

I think though that the fact that you found this information and that you have read Tolle shows that, as with all of us, the evolution to higher consciousness is active within you and pointing you in a particular direction. If it wasn't ready to move forward in you, you would bypass these particular topics and they would not come into your consciousness.

I'll paraphrase's a cool thing.

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