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Michael! Omg that's awful and funny! Sorry! This is why I could never be a writer, I don't have a thick skin, I'd be crying all the time.

What mean spirited people, gosh.


I've not gotten anything nearly so nasty.

Good to know you've got a public! Okay, they're clammoring for your head, and dragging you through the streets in a tumbril, but still...they're calling your name!

Oops, spelled clamoring wrong.


Gone Clamming

I've always found it odd that Rand's fans, who claim they are so rational, are so vicious and hateful. Years ago I opened up a Hatemail Page to post all the hatemails I've gotten from them and others like them.

People who are just as bad as her fans are those who post at FreeRepublic. Rand's fans can at least spell (usually).

Ahh, don't you just love it when people vent their hatred of you in a completely stupid way?

Someone should tell them that they are doing nothing for their argument by cussing. It does give a little bit of strength to your position though.

>I've not gotten anything nearly so nasty.

It's not so bad when you consider that these are pretty much the only negative quotes I could track down. I was expecting more. I had wanted to do a Top Ten countdown, a la Letterman, but there weren't enough quotes.

>This is why I could never be a writer, I don't have a thick skin,

Thick skin develops over time. Some of these comments stung when I first received them, but now I think they're funny. After a while you learn that what people say really doesn't matter, and usually reveals more about them than you.

Here, here.

There was another one recently, I looked for it but can't find it. Whatever the topic was this guy came in a ranted, raved, fussed and cussed. I believe he was the first person to reply to the topic. MP, your only reply was something like, "Boy, those _______ extremists are pretty grumpy, aren't they"
Heh. That was my all time fave.

I forgot that one. Here it is:

"Mr. Prescott, you don't know shit when it comes to William Shakespeare! William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the plays, sonnets, and narrative poems by William Shakespeare."

This was posted by someone called BullshitDetector, though I doubt this is the name on his birth certificate. It was the very first comment on this blog entry.

Yes, that's it! Wow that thread ended up being loooong, I don't think I read all of those replies. I guess that's the only reply Mr. Detector ever made on your blog? Bless his heart, he must be very busy keeping the entire internet straightened out for us all ;)

Those comments are always expected fare from randi worshippers...

Their god has laid out the truth for them, so they con't be bothered looking at evidence...

But I am surprised that you don't have enough damining comments...

maybe you need to write a anti-darwinian book then you will get a spot in th hall of fame... as Richard Milton has...


As you know, I have my own list of names Objectivists have called me, and my site is called "Objectivist Living"!

Now even a friendly member has joined in with some graphics (woe is me!), all because the site has been called "Cockroach Corner" by the forces of evuuuul.

But I have one for you, Michael. There is a place on my site called Objectivism In Dark Places. You can read where the name came from here.

I am going to include a full set of links to your Objectivism and Rand commentary there - and hopefully intelligent discussion will follow. (I am a bit behind on this because my site got hacked and the databases were deleted. Fortunately I had some backups, but I migrated from phpbb to a proprietary forum software and company with heavy-duty security. It is still a bit of a headache to clean up as the backups were somewhat damaged by a program malfunction before the hack.)

Anyway, I don't know if you want to take this as an insult or homage, but you have been enshrined in a dark corner on my site.


Good to see you around here again. I like your section In Dark Places. My favorite "name" on your list is "Low-level creep". Just think, you can climb the ladder to mid-level and then Top-level creep if you try very hard ;)

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