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It is great to see someone actually willing to look at these things instead of coming with their mind already made up, one way or another.

Agree with you entirely, and curiously I immediately thought of Colin Fry/Lincoln when I read mention of the trumpet present in Zammit's seance. My interpretation of the page you link to is a little different: it seems that the bonds were in fact cut, freeing him. An analysis was performed in an attempt to figure out how this was done, but was inconclusive. How Colin would have explained this once the experience was over, I don't know. Perhaps he had some clever method of replacing the ties.

Mini-synchronicity: I went to the library the other day looking for William BRAUD'S books. He's a parapsychologist who's done work on mental influence over matter. They had nothing by him, but did have Stephen BRAUDE'S book, whom I had not heard of before but came up on the screen thanks to their similar surname. Cool to see it mentioned here.

>Perhaps he had some clever method of replacing the ties.

I believe the ties were taken from a large package of ties that was kept in the room (they are sold in bulk). Possibly Fry hid some extras in his pockets, or had access to the package in the dark. I'm just guessing, of course.

Stephen Braude is well worth reading. His latest book, Immortal Remains, is an excellent (though quite technical) survey of afterlife evidence. I disagree with him on some points - f.i., I think NDEs are good evidence, and he doesn't. But his analysis is always interesting and provocative.

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