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Well, damn. If I'd known I could make large amounts of money by writing 400 pages of BS, I'd be retired by now.

I found this funny:

"[The publisher] has already invested a seven-figure sum in the rights to her book, The Expected One. 'I certainly expect there will be a backlash,' said Ms McGowan. 'But I have the support of my family and friends and that's what I draw from.' "

I'll bet she's also drawing some comfort and support from that seven-figure payout, don't you think?

This person is just lame.

In another way, maybe it's good, because people will see how old this is going to become, and how ludicrous it is.

I guess if you want the money that bad, just pimp out. . .

I think I'm going to write a book claiming my descent from a major religious figure. My tuition goes up quite a bit this year, and I could use some royalties.

Any suggestions as to which religions I can afford to peeve without having my house burnt down?

There couldn't be just "one" descendent. There would have to be millions. If there was only one, he or she would have to be so inbred we'd be looking at someone with two heads.

Sadly, T.B., if you make fun of the leaders of other religions besides Christianity, (e.g. Muhammad) you'll probably get your house burned down.

In a past life I was The Budda's poolman. Universal has bought the rights to my story and we are in negotiations with the Wachowski Brothers...

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